Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 21

Freak Nation

Aired Unknown May 03, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

A news reporter films a report about the Transgenics now living in terminal city as people in background throw stones and light up a flaming 'X'. Max comes riding in on her motorbike and drives through the 'X'.

After saying "Two million years of human evolution and this is what you get, you morons."

Max gets off her bike with a briefcase and gives it to Mole who tells her about all the new Transgenics in terminal City and all the provisions they're gonna need. Inside Joshua is painting a flag Black barcodes at the bottom to represent the darkness where they were kept, red to show the blood that has been shed and white to symbolise where they want to go. With a white dove on top.

White walking towards a train while he talks on the phone to a woman telling her he doesn't need a group to come and help him. She insists that he does. 5 people get off the train called 'The Phalanx' led by a red haired woman (Lita). She tells White they will clean up his mess for him.

At Jam Pony Cindy tells a Transgenic that her barcode's clean and Sketchy comes to show them his hat with a fully rotational brim "so you can always represent". Alec (oh so cute despite his long hair) comes in and Normal starts singing "For he's a jolly good fellow..." and gives Alec a cake for his birthday. (Which he learned about from Alec's application form.)

Joshua's old place – Logan is putting on some gloves as Max takes off her jacket sitting in a chair. Logan unzips her top and examines the markings on her back and takes pictures. They both agree the situation is awkward but necessary as Logan needs to translate the markings. Logan finishes up and comes to sit in front of Max. They talk about Sandeman's plans. Logan holds Max's hands through their gloves they look at each other intensely until Max breaks it by saying she has to leave. Max leaves and Logan goes to soak his hands in bleach.

Joshua and Mole pick up Gem a pregnant X5 and Dalton an X6 but get caught up in a fight with some ordinaries. They call Max who tells them to get to Jam Pony as it is the closest. The police turn up and Mole and Joshua pretend to take Alec and Gem hostage into Jam Pony and barricade themselves in. Normal and everybody at Jam Pony realise that Alec and CeCe are mutants or as Alec prefers "…genetically empowered.'

Max jumps onto a hover-drone from a rooftop and crashes through a window into Jam Pony. More police officers arrive as Gem's baby starts to come.

Logan sees news of the barricade on the news and puts on his exoskeleton and leaves for Jam Pony.

The Phalanx team are training when they get a call from White telling them to be ready to attack.

Detective Clemente tries to get a line through to Jam Pony. White attempts to take over control from him of the situation. The detective refuses to comply and White takes out his phone to phone some bigwig friend of his. Inside Jam Pony the T.V is on with members of the public expressing their hatred for Transgenics when the phone rings. Max asks for transportation and a guarantee of safe passage out.

Clemente arranges for a vehicle and asks for the hostages to be released. White has 'his men' put in position and Logan tells Max they're going to need to use the humans as shields. Half of the hostages are let out. Max and the others come out using shields but Logan notices White's men. Logan calls out to Max but CeCe gets shot and dies. They retreat into Jam Pony with Logan.

Mole wants to kill the hostages one at a time but Logan and Max stop him. Joshua goes with Mole not answering to Max's call. White shows Clemente a fax saying he is given power over the situation as it is believed the snipers were Clemente's men not White's.

Max covers CeCe's body and talks about how everything is her fault for letting out all the Transgenics when there is no place for them in the world. Logan says 'she gave them freedom which is "…never free" it comes with a price.

Night has fallen and Gem's baby is starting to come. Normal helps with the baby as he has previous experience with cows. The Phalanx arrives dressed in black suits. White reminds Clemente that he should not interfere.

Max is prepared to sacrifice herself for everybody else. As White says that the humans will never know she was their only hope. Logan has translated the runes and it means that something really bad is going to happen and Max is the only one who can stop it. Max suddenly has some sort of premonition and realises that the Phalanx are coming. She makes everyone go upstairs.

White tells the Phalanx to kill the hostages to show the true nature of Transgenics. Everybody inside hides upstairs Max, Alec, Joshua, Logan and Mole take positions to attack. White's men come in and a fight ensues. The Transgenics have a hard time but eventually they beat the Breeding Cult members. Joshua sees White and remembers Annie. He begins to beat White almost to the point of killing him but Max stops him. She says that if he continues the only thing people will remember will be that "...a Transgenic killed a human being in cold blood."

Sketchy and the other messengers dress up in the Phalanx's suits and pretend to escort the Transgenics into the vans. The vans head towards Terminal City. Clemente goes into Jam Pony and finds White and his men tied up without their clothes. He leaves White and his men as they are and the police follow the vans into Terminal City where Clemente commends Max for not allowing the day to turn into the bloodbath.

Max tells the police they should go as all the other Transgenics come out with guns and weapons heavily outnumbering the police. The police leave and Mole suggest leaving and going to ground. Max wants to stay, she says the American Government made them and they should take responsibility. She doesn't want to run. She asks who's with her, slowly everyone raises their hands.

The next day news crews surround Terminal city. Normal praises the Transgenics saying they are normal like humans. The Transgenic flag is raised and everybody stands in line looking up at it. Max and Logan hold hands through gloves.

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