Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 21

Freak Nation

Aired Unknown May 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • After Max and other transgenics are trapped by police in Jam Pony, White brings in a special team sent by the breeding cult, intending to kill Max and the others.

    A Dark Angel episode to remember! Suspenseful, action filled, exciting and with all the usual added humor, this finale should leave you very pleased. Sadly there was no third season, but this episode seemed to wrap up, and you can assume what happens. I found myself shaking my head at the "ordinaries" in this episode, when they were showing them on the news, expressing their uneducated opinions on transgenics. I was proud of Joshua though. After Annie's death he has been depressed, so it was nice to see him get some closure by beating White, but doing the right thing and not killing him. I also thought it was hilarious the way they all escaped from Jam Pony, I was in hysterics the whole time. It was also good to see that even in such a serious episode, the humor still remained. Mostly due to the very lovable Sketchy and Alec.
    Thats what I love about this show. It's got action, drama and comedy! I'm really going to miss it.
  • When Joshua and Mole are forced to take refuge from the sector police at Jam Pony, Max and Alec are exposed as Transgenics to their work colleagues. Meanwhile, Ames White and his special task force surround the building ready to make their move.

    Although this season has been fairly hit and miss, the show\'s co-creator James Cameron makes sure it goes out with a bang by not only coming up with the story but by directing it too, for the first (and sadly last) time. It\'s a good job this final episode runs longer than the others (clocking in at just over the hour) because, unless it was split into a two part finale, it would feel too rushed for a standard 45 minute episode. It was unclear at the time of filming whether or not this would be the season or series finale, and so instead of packing in all the answers to long running questions (which may have been attempted if it was known to be the final episode), what we get here is a perfect summation of the show. The series strong suit has always been it\'s theme of discrimination and prejudice within the city, and so in the final episode we see things finally come to a head as Max and Alec are found out at Jam Pony leading to them joining their fellow Transgenics in Terminal City. No longer are they running and hiding but instead resolve to take their stand as one. united group. It may not provide absolute closure, the type that a series with so many unanswered questions such as this needs, but it is a satisfactory ending, one filled with hope for the future
  • one of the best episode of the entire series.this was a very good season finale..shame on fox..this show could have gotton a season 3....

    this was by far the best good episode i have seen by the writers of dark angel.

    joshua and other trangenics end up at jam pony b/c they were trying to get this x5 to there place so she can have her baby in peace but on their way there.the car broke down and humans saw them and went on the attack.they where force to go to jam pony.joshua called max to help and max came to help them get out safely.

    1.jessica alba acting was so on point she was amazing.her acting ability have really grown since season 1.

    2.seeing max and her kind trying to stand up for themselves for there own rights was moving and very sad.

    3.seeing all the poeple on tv talked about max and others like her remind me of racism in this country.a woman said on tv that people like max dont need to have human rights since they arent even human.she even said ''animals dont have souls but they suppose to be here but this things arent not suppose to be.they are an abomtion to god''i could feel max pain as she saw this on tv with joshua.a very sad moment.

    4.white the guy thats been trying to captured max and others made the situation worse when they took over the capture from the cops.

    5.we also learn that max was design to defend something but we dont know what.she is suppose to be the chosen one that will defend earth or something to the effect.she learns of this b/c all this strange markings appear on her body and logan translate them.

    6.the action was very good.jessica did a good job at her stunts and i found this episode very moving.my favorite part is when max is telling her brothers and sisters and others like her not to give up that they want be throwen away like garbage.this people made them and now they will deal with them.she also said they were born in america and there not going anywhere.

    the show was suppose to be heading to a season 3 but it didnt.fox ddint want to spend no more money on this show when they could have just lower the budget.the ratings were decent.this would have been a 10 but the questions were unanswered bout max being chosen and stuff.if u watch freak nation dvd commentary you will have the answers bout the marking and max being chosen and more information about the familiars that white hired to take down max and others like her...
  • Seasons Finale

    Well, i hope the director would make some result of what happened after they put a flag..... ??? conclusion?? I Hope it would be back and create some more Season. I hope it would extend upt 6 season, like Smallville it has now 8 seasons. Me from the philippines love thi Dark Angel Series, Ive bought the DVD copy and it superb and amazing. Please make another season. We are waiting for the season to come out, its not late, its 2008 and we need to know what happened to the Series. Thanks and more power.
  • not supposed to be the finale but perhaps the best DA episode ever made & a hint of what was to come...

    Listen to the commentary for this episode on the DVD set to get the idea of how season 3 would have continued what they were doing here. Season 2 is not so bad IMHO as some make it out to be. Started off great & ended great, just had a lousy middle. The virus & breeding cult were lame ideas. But I did like the plight of the Transgenics & their fight for freedom & acceptance. Alot like the story of the X-Men (& if you're a fan of the comics, those X-Men movies barely scratch the surface of what they are all about-this is actually closer to it). I was so happy that Max's ID is finally exposed & we can drop all those Jam Pony scenes that added nothing to the show's plot. Nice that Max has friends & a place to go outside her adventures but after Normal threatens to fire her for the 100th time it gets old fast. Seems that Sketchy & Cindy (& maybe Normal) would be allies in Season 3. The episode is a rip off of Dog Day Afternoon (they used that title earlier in the season but this would have been more appropriate). James Cameron delivers the goods the way most of the show's directors couldn't (helps that he probabbly got a bigger budget & time for this one). Great action & drama. Finally Logan gets to kick butt too. The Max/Lita fight was cool as was Joshua losing it. The pregnant woman giving birth in a crisis is cliche as they come but wouldn't want to miss the mom sucker punching at the final push for anything. A pretty good show overall, not a classic but watchable. One more season would have been nice but be glad we at least got this the way Fox works.
  • Cancelled in the middle of a storyline, this episode left us all hanging.

    After having recently watched the entire series for the second time, I'm now depressed all over again that this series ended after just two seasons. I can remember watching this episode the first time, already knowing that DA was not being picked up again for the fall season. I remember hoping that some of the storylines would come to a conclusion-- namely, the stupid virus storyline, followed closely by the also-stupid breeding cult storyline. And I remember being acutely disappointed as the final scene aired and absolutely nothing had been resolved. The only reason why this episode gets a higher rating from me is because it was enjoyable to watch (since it wasn't intended to be the series finale), and Max and Logan finally reconciled their distance from the previous several episodes.

    I loved how some of the "ordinaries" (Normal and Sketchy in particular) came around to the idea of accepting the transgenics. And I loved the fight scenes!!! Max fighting Lita--the real-life professional wrestler, Alec getting his butt kicked by a girl (!), and Logan making an impact with his amped-up, exoskeleton strength all made the fight scene a great one to include in the final episode of the series.

    I'm glad that I watched the episode again on DVD because I was able to listen to the commentary from the writers/creators and get some answers about the never-filmed third season. Very informative!

    All-in-all, I enjoyed the episode, but was sad that it was the end...
  • The final episode in one of my favorite shows of all time.

    This show had so much potential and did so many things right, but in the end it just wasn't meant to be. It was chopped down by the hacks at FOX, and replaced with Firefly, which was also chopped down before it had the chance to find it's way as well. I am sensing a serious pattern here.

    The final episode was not meant as the series finale, so naturally there are alot of unanswered questions but it stands pretty well on it's own as a good ending to the show. The virus storyline still lingered as did the ulitmate reason for Max's existence and the runes that were appearing on her skin. We never got to see Sandeman and we never find out what happend to Lydecker. Obviously this would have made for a really interesting Season 3, had only any FOX exceutive with taste been paying attention.

    So what we are left with is the DVD commentary that tries to explain what the overall mythology was about. Turns out the whole cult thing was preparing for a comet that was coming to wipe out all of humanity and the breeding cult was all about making themselves immune through selective breeding. Sandeman was an early part of this cult but broke away to start Manticore and ultimately created Max to be the savior of the human race. Ames White was Sandeman's son and determined to have his "cult" inherit the earth. The runes on Max skin would ultimately reveal the problem and the solution and our heroine would save the world.


    Too bad this played out with director voice-overs rather than a season worth of quality television. This show had it all, great actors, interesting characters, action, witty dialogue, humor and a good love story. What it also had in droves, is potential. Because it was sc-fi there were so many endlessly entertaining roads the show could have gone down. No doubt Jessica Alba would eventually have had to go onto to bigger and better things after Dark Angel , but most likely she would have stayed at least another year or two (or been able to do movies simultaneously ala Sarah Michelle Gellar/ Buffy) and things could have progressed from there.

    But instead we got a renewal and then a cancellation from FOX a day later, and now even the prospects of a movie, even a TV movie seem remote for several reasons. Mainly; this show was a cult hit and it has been 4 years since it went off the air to seemingly little fanfare. Perhaps, more importantly the shows star Jessica Alba has moved on to bigger and better things? (not really have you seen Honey?).
    But I digress, it is doubtful Alba would want to take a step back and work awkwardly with her ex-fiancee, Michael Weatherly as her on screen love interest.

    All in all, the page has been turned on this series and what we are left with is an excellent series that was cut down before it had the chance to find it's groove. (Buffy season 3, and Angel season 3 were both the best of those shows particular runs , in my opinion) Fans can watch the DVD's and remember fondly that bad things happend to good shows. The number 452 strangley excites me like no time before or since. Seems like post pulse Seattle wasn't the only broken world.
  • Ah, the end of Dark Angel...

    This wasn't my favorite episode of season 2 and I thought both the pilot and the season 1 finale were better, but this was still a very good episode. I especially liked the fight scene between the transgenics and the "familiars." Seeing Joshua go postal on Agent White was great. And you could see several story lines being set up for season 3 in the episode. In fact, this is discussed on the DVD commentary (2006 release) for this episode. On the DVD commentary they also talk about the mythology of the familiars cult that never was able to be played out in season 3 due to the show's cancellation. The familiar's were survivors of a comet that had once devastated 97% of the Earth's population. Joshua's father, once a member of this cult, turned away from them when he felt they had become evil and he designed Max specifically to be the savior of the human race, since she was genetically superior to the familiars. On the DVD commentary they also talked about having the transgenics eventually accepted (though reluctantly and with prejudice) into regular society. However, when they were describing the story line ideas for season 3, I got the feeling that the show's best days were behind it. Though I would have liked to have seen season 3, the story lines I think would have taken the show in a dead end soon anyway.
  • max, alec, joshua and mole hold hostages in jam pony

    omg i loved this episode! white getting knocked back for the stronger breed was cool and i almost felt sorry for him, almost. i liked mole though his whole anti-human thing was annoying and i hated how he acted like he was the boss. him and joshua takeing alec and that pregnat transgentic hostage was halarious expesaly when the girl had to point joshuas gun at her herself. ahh poor normal discovers that alec is a transgentic, so sad for him. max flying in one the hover thing was alittle fake looking. i was glad logan had got in there to bad cici died though. ha the fighting at the end was so cool and i wanted to laugh in that one girls face that though she could beat max, she lost!!! ha ha ha but if max hadent gotten hand cuffs i think she would have lost, alec was loseing!! so funny expecally when logan said some thing about it, wow joshua was like fighting two at a time he was the best! they got out so easy and i was glad when the cop laughed in whites face, ha ha ha and then he goes to try and catch them in the one place and they get surounded by transgentics so kool, there are so many of them, and i was glad they decided to stay and at the end max and logan are holding hands so sweet and i was glad to see that normal had a change of heart and is ok with transgentics now. but man that was how they end a series?!?!? i dont think so! you dont end some thing with that much left open!! that pisses me off they leave you on a freaking cliff hanger!! so that is my only annoyance with this!
  • I promised my friends in high school 4 years ago that nothing would happen to Lita...and look what happened! *AAARRRRGGGGGGH!*

    Four years ago while I was finishing my sophomore year of high school (2001-2002), I remember one of my friends telling me that (all fans of Jeff Hardy lend me your ears) Lita would be starring in this episode. Little did I know something terrible would happen. This was the calm before the storm.

    While Max stole a line from The Rock, telling Thula to "just bring it", she was the one that handcuffed Thula to the post, ticking White off. I can remember this from four years back, as I saw some pictures of the episode. I didn't actually see the episode, either. Then months later, I read a transcript, and it looked as if Lita wasn't having much fun, either. The accident left WWE fans Lita-less for the remainder of 2002. The episode impacted me as well, as I am an avid WWE fanatic from time to time (I don't watch shows often)--but after I heard the bad news of Lita's accident on the set (WWE programming told about this months later), I took a break from watching shows like this until 2003. The first show I watched at that time was Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This episode defined a part of my life, and this part ended four years later when I saw Patrick Flueger on another science fiction show, The 4400.

    I wish Lita good luck in the acting business (a strong rumor as I saw on Wikipedia is going around, saying that her contract ends by the end of December) as well. And good luck to you, too, Ms. Alba. Everyone misses you on this show.
  • As a season finale forced to do the work of a grand finale Freak Nation's inability to answer questions and resolve character arcs is understandable, but still annoying.

    It's interesting to see how Dark Angel has changed over the course of two seasons. Had you sat down and watched the premiere (or any episode in the first season, really) and then jumped over and sat through the second season finale, you'd probably wonder if it were the same show. Sure, there's Jessica Alba as Max and the guy whose penthouse she broke into to steal a cat statue. Where's Lydecker? Zach? Who's Alec? Ames White and the cult? This bizarre dog guy named Joshua? Heck, what are all these mutants and why the X-Men like persecution of transgenics?

    Helmed by co-creator and egomaniac himself (a first for the show?), James Cameron lends a slightly different feel to Dark Angel than some of the other directors. For the better? It's hard to say, since any differences are minor. Some of the character moments come across more genuine, although part of that may be due simply to the actors having over 40 episodes to get used to their role.

    Freak Nation plays out as follows - a pregnant X series woman on the run is rescued by Joshua and a Ron Perlman'ish Mole (why a lizard-looking guy is called Mole, who knows) so she can be taken to their lair. Unfortunately, they are involved in an accident, their van won't start, and via partial instruction by Max they hurry to the messenger depot where she works, only to be forced into a psuedo-hostage situation with the arrival of the police. Ames White and his team of WWF stars arrive to assert control over the police department and Max and Logan and everyone else have to figure a way out while the woman giving birth angle is played out exactly as you'd think. Or maybe not, as at least one character will surprise you.

    As a stand-alone show, it works pretty well. The big fight scene is the exception, since there are too many characters to juggle effectively. Honestly, it's a mess. It's made worse by the inclusion of WWF style moves in Max's fight, which look ridiculous in an episode that's not trying to be campy.

    Unfortunately, Freak Nation has to act as a finale for the show, and it was obviously not designed for that purpose. It answers nothing and even manages to ignore some plot points that occured only episodes before (like Logan believing Max is dating Alec, yet reverting to early season two behavior here) and create further questions. No explanation of Sanaman and the cult, Ames' son, and - unsurprisingly - no further hints about Lydecker's fate or Max's ultimate purpose beyond a vague bit of exposition.

    The rally at the end and lifting of the flag is a bit cheesy but taken out of context serves as a makeshift sort of salute to the show. Or it does if you're generous. Watching it and knowing that the show is gone is a bit sad, especially considering it didn't get a chance to resolve much. Would have been interesting to see how a third season could treat the plot. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist, so Freak Nation remains a bit of a disappointment.
  • Loose ends o'plenty....

    I agree with some of the postings here regarding the lack of finilizing some loose ends. After the big fight, White states "this isn't over". So, what happens? Are all the transgenics going to continue to be hunted by White? And, of course, what happened to Max and Logan? Sure, they are holding hands at the end, BUT IN GLOVES!! Then there is the fact that, in an earlier episode, Max leads Logan to believe that her and Alec are an item, yet even by the end of this episode, Logan still doesnt know the truth. As it is stated in the "notes" section of this episode, this was supposed to be the SEASON fanale, but turned out to be the SERIES fanale. You can tell by the way some of these questions are unanswered that they were supposed to be addressed later (like in season three) but, sadly, it didnt get that far, and now we are all left hanging, wondering. Dark Angel is still an outstanding (though short lived) series, and it was well acted by all. I just wish it had gone on.
  • Awesome, yet dissappointing end.

    ok, i thought that this was a magnificent episode. However, I\\\'m very sad that it ended like this. Sure there was a big battle, but their were many loose ends that could have/should have been wrapped up in a third season. For instance, what happened to white? or what happened to White\\\'s son. Who was the Sandiman/where was he? Will Max and Logan ever be together again/will the cure get cured? What\\\'s gonna happen to Terminal City? I just really think that Fox should have let them produce one more season, or at least a t.v. movie. That would\\\'ve been cool. ~THIRST~
  • So cool, but also so sad

    This episode was really great, but i wish the seasons could have gone on longer. The last episode was kind of a cliff hanger in a way because you don't know if Max and Logan ever get together. The end is them holding hands, but both are wearing gloves. So sad it had to end. Dark Angel come back!!!!!
  • cool, well writen but stinks on ice

    this season fianle although very well done and also well writen stinks beacuase of the actual ending that was given to the show, come on they couldn't have made a more specific and less vague ending to the show its like bieng excited on what thing will happen next in the war than you find out there isn't any war going to be shown , i don't know about the others but for me this ending sucked but still well writen and well made
  • abrupt, yet fitting end to the series

    The Dark Angel of season 1 and the Dark Angel of season 2 are two very different creaturs... Season 1 was full of great writting, awesome acting, quirky storylines, great supporting characters, and riviting drama.... but somewhere around the end of the beginning for season two, all but the great acting seemed to last. This is why when, James Cameron realized that his brain child was in danger of getting cancelled, he came aboard what will ultimately become the series finale. While most of the episode doesn't really have an shattering effects... It is the last 20 minutes or so that really wrap up the series... Ending the only way this series really could have, the characters where all given a great goodbye... with teh audience knowning that the character will live on.
  • Outrageous ending! Spectacular writing! Great character signature moves, reactions! Really brought the story together!

    Season Two is definately the weirder one. However the season finale was excellent for bringing it all together. It went from an exhausting world of a variety of transgenics entering Max's normal human world to a strong combination of human and transgenic survival. Spectacular fight scene although I felt horrible for Joshua. Great character with outstanding emotional depth....love! Original Cindy still standing tall was great and even Normal and Sketch taking a stand was really awesome. Great ending and great quotes. Alec finally accepting his place on the team and the almost defeat was great character growth for him.