Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 21

Freak Nation

Aired Unknown May 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • not supposed to be the finale but perhaps the best DA episode ever made & a hint of what was to come...

    Listen to the commentary for this episode on the DVD set to get the idea of how season 3 would have continued what they were doing here. Season 2 is not so bad IMHO as some make it out to be. Started off great & ended great, just had a lousy middle. The virus & breeding cult were lame ideas. But I did like the plight of the Transgenics & their fight for freedom & acceptance. Alot like the story of the X-Men (& if you're a fan of the comics, those X-Men movies barely scratch the surface of what they are all about-this is actually closer to it). I was so happy that Max's ID is finally exposed & we can drop all those Jam Pony scenes that added nothing to the show's plot. Nice that Max has friends & a place to go outside her adventures but after Normal threatens to fire her for the 100th time it gets old fast. Seems that Sketchy & Cindy (& maybe Normal) would be allies in Season 3. The episode is a rip off of Dog Day Afternoon (they used that title earlier in the season but this would have been more appropriate). James Cameron delivers the goods the way most of the show's directors couldn't (helps that he probabbly got a bigger budget & time for this one). Great action & drama. Finally Logan gets to kick butt too. The Max/Lita fight was cool as was Joshua losing it. The pregnant woman giving birth in a crisis is cliche as they come but wouldn't want to miss the mom sucker punching at the final push for anything. A pretty good show overall, not a classic but watchable. One more season would have been nice but be glad we at least got this the way Fox works.