Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 21

Freak Nation

Aired Unknown May 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • one of the best episode of the entire series.this was a very good season finale..shame on fox..this show could have gotton a season 3....

    this was by far the best good episode i have seen by the writers of dark angel.

    joshua and other trangenics end up at jam pony b/c they were trying to get this x5 to there place so she can have her baby in peace but on their way there.the car broke down and humans saw them and went on the attack.they where force to go to jam pony.joshua called max to help and max came to help them get out safely.

    1.jessica alba acting was so on point she was amazing.her acting ability have really grown since season 1.

    2.seeing max and her kind trying to stand up for themselves for there own rights was moving and very sad.

    3.seeing all the poeple on tv talked about max and others like her remind me of racism in this country.a woman said on tv that people like max dont need to have human rights since they arent even human.she even said ''animals dont have souls but they suppose to be here but this things arent not suppose to be.they are an abomtion to god''i could feel max pain as she saw this on tv with joshua.a very sad moment.

    4.white the guy thats been trying to captured max and others made the situation worse when they took over the capture from the cops.

    5.we also learn that max was design to defend something but we dont know what.she is suppose to be the chosen one that will defend earth or something to the effect.she learns of this b/c all this strange markings appear on her body and logan translate them.

    6.the action was very good.jessica did a good job at her stunts and i found this episode very moving.my favorite part is when max is telling her brothers and sisters and others like her not to give up that they want be throwen away like garbage.this people made them and now they will deal with them.she also said they were born in america and there not going anywhere.

    the show was suppose to be heading to a season 3 but it didnt.fox ddint want to spend no more money on this show when they could have just lower the budget.the ratings were decent.this would have been a 10 but the questions were unanswered bout max being chosen and stuff.if u watch freak nation dvd commentary you will have the answers bout the marking and max being chosen and more information about the familiars that white hired to take down max and others like her...
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