Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 21

Freak Nation

Aired Unknown May 03, 2002 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Max: (to crowd of trangenics) Where are we gonna go? I can't stop anyone from leaving, but I'm through running and hiding and being afraid. I'm not going to live my life like that anymore. Aren't you tired of living in darkness? Don't you want to feel the sun on your face, to have a place of your own where you can walk down the street without being afraid? They made us, and they trained us to be soldiers, to defend this country. It's time for them to face us and take responsibility instead of trying to sweep us away like garbage. We were made in America, and we're not going anywhere. So they call us freaks, who cares? Today, I'm proud to be a freak. And today we're gonna make a stand right here. Who's with me?