Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2002 on FOX
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A genetically enhanced hypnotist targets Logan and Max, who reveals her true identity and Logan's secret activities before realizing that she is being manipulated as part of a deadly plan - but luckily she doesn't remember doing it. Meanwhile, the transgenic, Mia, also sets her sights on Alec, raising the stakes, leading him back into the boxing ring to make some money for some not-so-good fellas.moreless

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  • The highlight was watching Max fight Alec...

    Other than the Max v. Alec fight, the funny gay innuendos about Normal and the telecoercion concept itself, there wasn't much else to enjoy about this episode. This one, much like the last episode, seemed to be just fillers. The seasonal storyline isn't advanced and we haven't seen Agent White for a couple of episodes now. I think this is one reason why season 2 didn't pull in the viewers the way season 1 did. The whole storyline becomes muddled in these filler episodes that while funny aren't really the reason why someone would have tuned-in to watch Dark Angel. The are dozens of shows better suited for comedy than Dark Angel (Seinfeld, King of Queens, etc.). Did the producers of the show really think people would be drawn to Dark Angel for comedy relief?moreless
  • Alex returns to the ring and the mafia plans to benefit. Logan and Max are manipulated by a transgenic named Mia. But what is she planning?

    This was such a cute episode. We play with aesthetics a lot in this episode dealing with gangsters. All of their accessories and surroundings are out of the 1940's. One of the gangsters has the cutest girlfriend named Mia who is a transgenic who can control other people. From the very beginning you wonder what she is up to. Although it's obvious she is manipulating others and is very powerful, she's so sweet and cute that it's hard to dislike her. She sets up Max and Logan to do a broadcast tipping off the head of the mafia and Alex and Max face off in the ring.moreless
  • a transginic who can minipulate peoples minds messes with max,logan and alec

    i really like this one alot. mia was really cool and i liked her vocie and how happy she was all the time, which is weird cuz that stuff ussually annoys me but it really worked well with her. i liked how she got stuff out of people and she would tell them what happened, like when max slipped in the shower and it hurt like the dickins, so funny max would never say that normally. i also liked how she didnt mess with there lifes to much and didnt really do any thing drastic, she was really nice. and their bosses dream about alec was disturbing. and i liked when max went to fight alec but i didnt like how she used such a cheep shot to beat him, it was kinda dissapionting.moreless
  • Finally, a good, funny episode from season two...

    I LOVED this episode!! The storyline was good, the interactions between the characters were great, and the scenes between Max and Logan were more like they were in season 1-- sexually intense, but not morose. It also was completely devoid of really weird transgenics. We were simply introduced to a transgenic from the psy-ops division at Manticore, who was designed to excel in tele-coersion. All she had to do was tilt her head and look at someone funny, then she could make them do anything. And the things she made people do!!! At one point, she got Logan and Alec together to express to each other how they felt about the other. Of course, Mia (the transgenic), was putting the words in their mouths, but they ended up giving each other this big hug! Max about flipped when she saw them!

    Other favorite moments from the show: Logan taking a full-length look at Max ready to go under cover and saying, "Fuhgeddaboudit..." (in response to her asking how she looks.) The look that he gave her was so cute. And while Max was getting ready, Logan was briefing her on the history of this group of people, and there was some humorous interaction between the two of them.

    After Mia convinces Alec to go back to cage-fighting, Max gets in the ring to fight him to make sure he'd lose. Their dialogue along with ther fight is hilarious!

    All in all, this episode extremely worth watching! There's too many memorable moments and quotes to try to catch them all here. Just watch the episode!!moreless
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Max Guevara "X5-452"

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Logan Cale/Eyes Only

Richard Gunn

Richard Gunn

Calvin 'Sketchy' Theodore

Valarie Rae Miller

Valarie Rae Miller

Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin (Season 1-2)

J.C. MacKenzie

J.C. MacKenzie

Reagan 'Normal' Ronald

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Alec "X5-494"/Ben (Season 2)

Frankie Jay Allison

Frankie Jay Allison

Sam 'Shakes'

Guest Star

David Gianopoulos

David Gianopoulos

Tony Rinaldi

Guest Star

Byron Mann

Byron Mann

Detective Matt Sung

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Normal has an erotic dream about Alec and his fighting alter-ego, Monty Cora.

    • TRIVIA: Alec fights for money again for the first time since the episode "Proof of Purchase".

    • TRIVIA: Mia has Telecoersion powers and is the second transgenic to be shown as a product of the Manticore PsyOps Division. The first was Brain, a battle processor from the episode "Brainiac".

    • When Alec is fighting in the cage the referee gives the microphone to the girl. Yet a few minutes later in an eagle eye view, the referee once again hands over the microphone.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Logan: Dougie says that, uh, he's a stand-up guy and he's no stoolie. I ain't buying it. Little mook just needs convincing.
      Max: Someone spent too much time listening to the surveillance tapes.

    • Goon 1 (about Dougie sleeping): Don't take it personal, hon. He's got a condition.
      Goon 2: Epilepsy.
      Goon 1: Epilepsy. It's not epilepsy, it's necrophilia.
      Tony: Ah, shut up, both of you. It's narcolepsy.

    • Alec: I spent six months in Psy-Ops for evaluation. You were there. I never forget a face.
      Mia: Can't put anything past you.
      Alec: Not now, not ever. Now, what was your specialty again? Was it hypnosis? Telekinesis?
      Mia: Tele-coercian, actually. (puts the whammy on him) Hi, I'm Mia.
      Alec: Alec, nice to meet you.

    • Alec: Max, you don't want to fight me.
      Max: Are you kidding? I've been waiting for this chance for months.

    • Max: How'd you know I'd win?
      Mia: 'Cause girls kick ass. That's what the T-shirt says, right?

    • Logan: You're about to get dead, Dougie. You were on thin ice with the boss already, and that's before you lost him a lot of money. You go with them, you're gonna end your night in cement shoes.
      Second Gangster: "Cement shoes"? Who talks like that?

    • Max: No, she fixed the fight so a bunch of mobsters could make a killing on you.
      Alec: You say that like it's a bad thing.

    • Mia: So what are you guys up to?
      Max: I was about to ask you the same question.
      Mia (sighing): Here we go again.

    • Dougie: I need a plan, a course of action. Something! It's--it's that Catholic thing. I'm having bad thoughts. I'm having bad thoughts!

    • Normal: I had this dream about you the other night. You were this, uh, Roman gladiator, and you slew barbarians and Medusa-like women, and I was your tiny little valet. I wiped your sword clean after every sweet victory. I rubbed your tired, beautiful, golden muscles...
      Alec: Hot run! Fourth and Main!

    • Mia: Logan, I think there's something that Alec wants to say to you.
      Alec: Yeah, Logan, I just...wanted to say that I understand why Max admires you so much. Sometimes I wish I had more of a purpose in life.
      Mia: Logan, is there something you want to say to Alec?
      Logan: Well, it's just that...I don't know, sometimes I wish I was more of a free spirit, and...it must be nice to be a happy-go-lucky sociopath. Kinda envy you.
      Mia: Awww. Group hug!
      Max: What the hell is going on over there?!

    • Max: So I figured what's more normal than volunteering for his oh-so-urgent, let's save the world by Tuesday Eyes-Only missions?

    • Max: If I wanted to get reprimanded, you know, I could always go to work.

    • Mia: That is so exciting. But, Max, you have to be careful. Those guys are dangerous.
      Max: Oh, it's cool. I'm genetically engineered. I can totally kick their asses.

    • Alec: What happened to you?
      Max: Slipped in the shower, banged my head on the shampoo caddy, hurt like the dickens. Or maybe I was in a fight. It was Mia. She hit me. Really hard, that bitch!

    • Alec: Bitch.
      Max: What did you call me?
      Alec: You heard me...B-I-T-C...
      Max: Hey it looks like bell girl over there has lost her top!
      (Alec looks over to where she's pointing. Max kicks Alec in the groin.)

    • Logan: So I hear you're a rocking, awesome chick.
      Max: And you're a beautiful, talented man.
      Logan: That's right.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Title: Fuhgeddaboudit
      This is a slang abbreviation for "Forget about it", which is generally used around the mob. The word became famous due to the 1997 movie Donnie Brasco.

    • Mia: Girls kick ass. Says so on the T-shirt.
      Max said the exact same thing in the season 1 episode "Pilot" when she and Logan first met.