Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 8

Gill Girl

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Gill Girl and Gill Guy try to talk, they use whale song and dolphin speak, but whales and dolphins are mammals and don't have gills.

    • TRIVIA: The song playing in the background while Max is about to enter the club is Missy Elliot's "One Minute Man".

  • Quotes

    • Logan: Eyes Only met his match.
      Brittany (whining): Uncle Logan...

    • Max (about Logan babysitting): Bitsy? Where's husband Biff? Where's the nanny?
      Logan: I don't know. Maybe husband Biff ran off with the nanny. Who cares? I'm exhausted.

    • Alec (about getting Max into the strip club): There's a line around back. Girls show up, management picks the good ones.
      Max: No way!
      Alec: Come on, Max, don't sell yourself short. I mean, you got a decent shot.

    • Max (about gill guy): What's going on?
      Asha: Don't know, he wants out.
      Max: Why?
      Alec: Maybe he's smart and wants to go back to the water where he can breathe and no one wants him dead.

    • Bad guy (holding a gun on Alec): Don't move.
      Max: Hey! (She knocks out the bad guy and Alec grabs the gun) Pay attention!
      Alec: Got us a gun, didn't I?
      Max: Yippee.

    • Max (about Logan): He find White's place?
      Alec: Of course he did. He always does stuff like that.

    • Alec: He's not gonna die for anybody. He's going right back into the water. He's gonna swim away and meet a nice flounder somewhere.

    • Max: Can we concentrate on coming up with a plan?
      Alec: I'm thinking.
      Max: You're talking.
      Alec: I can do both.
      Max: I doubt that.
      Alec: Well, you just lost your tip.

    • Alec: Okay, now would be a good time to look like we belong here, huh? (Max starts rubbing his head distractingly) Wow, Max. You, uh, you done this before?

    • Max: Can't you see I'm getting ready for a bath?
      Alec: Funny, women and water. Seems to be the theme of my evening.

    • Original Cindy: Chicken pox? Thought that went out with Starbucks and Madonna.

    • Logan: Look, it's one thing for Manticore to give you a retrovirus tailor-made to kill me, but I seriously doubt that they factored a six-year-old into their evil plan.

    • Logan: I'm exhausted. She won't take a nap...she won't eat anything I give her...
      Max: Oh, she doesn't like bruschetta with a crisp pre-pulse sauterne?

  • Notes

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