Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 13

Harbor Lights

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2002 on FOX

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  • The introduction of the "super human" breeding program was the best addition made to season 2...

    The introduction of the "super human" breeding program, which we have interwoven in this episode, was probably the best story idea developed in season 2. I mean they had to do something with the writing after taking down Manticore. Thankfully they did because I wouldn't want to just see Manticore escapees every episode and having Agent White tracking them down for disposal to be the only story idea for season 2. Max and Logan's romance also takes a back seat in this episode, though as Max points out things between her and Logan are still "weird." The "poor Logan & Max" things does get a little old in my opinion.
  • max gets shot

    this was not a very intertaining episode. it was ok but it wa just kinda pointless. the stuff with logan not talking to max was just so stupid, i didnt see why he wouldnt talk to her, and her getting shot was just so unrealistic! then logan tryng to help her was a laugh, he should have called alec to get help, but no max had to get out by herself with all thos people trying to kill and catch her, so no, this one was not a episode.
  • Season 2 should have had more episodes like this...

    It's no secret that I much prefer season 1 to season 2, but this episodes deserves some credit. It was kind of a little bit like Prodigy from the S1. Despite everything that's happened between Max and Logan (namely in the previous episode 'Borrowed Time'), Logan still risks a lot to help save her. After Max is shot, she ends up at countly hospital where her blood is taken for testing. As you could imagine, this presents a great deal of problems for her as she can't afford to have everyone and their mother looking at her blood and DNA. Logan is contacted about where she is and immediately goes into action to spare Max from exposure. Their attempts at containment fail, however, and Max becomes a prisoner of the CDC on account of her Logan-targeted retrovirus.

    To make matters worse, White finds out and comes to the hospital to kill her. His attempts are foiled by Logan and his amazing hacking capabilites that enable him to get a message to Max via her EKG machine in the hospital. Max can't get away from White before he gives her a beating, but ultimately, Logan rescues her in a helicopter off the roof of the building. And they're able to touch! Logan is wearing gloves, so Max is able to take his hand! Why they don't use this safety precaution again until the end of the season is anybody's guess!

    Ultimately, there's still a rift between Logan and Max because of their failed attempt to be together in the previous episode, and Max's life is further complicated by the CDC's knowledge of her and her amped-up genetics.

    Not the greatest of episodes for me (stupid virus storyline!), but one of the better ones of the season...
  • Again, great story development with the special human breeding cult.

    White however dangerous and horrible is just a great bad guy. He was maticulous, cocky, and bad ass even though he's just a lil guy. A great opponent for Max. And with her being hurt, having Logan there to aid her was good. First season she was more apprehensive about his lending a helping hand. It progressed to more and it shows in this ep....although I do miss Zack.