Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2001 on FOX

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  • Road Trip...

    What is with this series yo-yoing all over the place?! One week it's a doozey of an episode, the next it's buttons. Ok, so "Haven" certainly has its moments (Logan and Max's confrontations are pure gold) and the acting is fairly solid from the supporting cast, but the main storyline doesn't ring through or have any underlining meaning other than Heroes occasionally need their sidekicks. The drama is amped up towards the end with Max out of action and Logan being disabled, the odds being firmly against them, it was nice seeing Logan use his intellect for more than just tech-stuff. Despite this, though, you'll find yourself wondering "another standalone episode this far into the season?!" it's as if the writers are afraid to commit to the arc, cautious of the possibility of losing viewership. And so we have it – another decent outing that never really gets your blood pumping but won't have you drifting off into a coma. Given the trend as of late it means a corker is on the way...
  • the sidekick steps in.

    this was a really good episode, and for once it wasent all about max saveing the day. logan being back in his wheel chair was annoyingly moody, which i really hope that after he saved the day he'll get over, fat chance tho. max's seszers came back all the sudden. i really liked the little boy sage, and i liked that they got more into what happened right after the pulse. you really were able to see how bad it had gotten after the pulse. also this episode wasent all about max which was refreshing. very good episode! i also liked the wire thing logan took from the cop.