Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 10, 2000 on FOX

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  • Max is hot!

    This episode cleverly hooks you in with an intriguing main plot regarding the children of Manticore and how they are created and, if that doesn't work, you have the very sexy Jessica Alba in heat, feeling sweaty and lookin' for some action. Sex appeal is the name of the game and this episode has it in spades. The overall arc isn't neglected and there's a nice bit of momentum thanks to Lydecker tracking down Max's every move. If the season can retain this element then pacing shouldn't really be an issue. Originality and freshness, however, might prove difficult later on. At this point, though, Dark Angel is making use of its premise rather well. On the home front, which I never really noticed, her friends come into play that bit more. Nothing special is made of them, but they do have some nice one liners peppered here and there. Not a bad second episode.
  • Good episode.

    In this first episode after the pilot, you start to see more of the relationship between Max and Logan. As with the pilot you get to see a lot of Max’s flashbacks to her youth, filling in her history. This episode deals with Max’s Foster mother and how ultimately money is the key to her giving information about Max to Lydecker. The added touch of her makeup as her having feline DNA was interesting. The way her friends are so close to knowing but missing out on who or even what she really is intriguing. This episode if not as good as the pilot but it’s a decent hour of entertainment.