Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 17

Hello, Goodbye

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Joshua has a serious flea problem and both he and his house are infested. Max helps him set up flea bombs inside. Max warns that he mustn't enter for a couple of hours. Joshua doesn't mind, he'll spend it outside with Max. Max regretfully tells him she already has plans, meeting Logan at Crash. She hands him flea powder and leaves. He tosses it over his head, resulting in him standing in a cloud of it.

Logan is waiting for Max, doodling on a napkin, making connections between Manticore, the breeding cult and Sandeman. When Max arrives, he asks to see the 'cut' on her hand, which looks like a caduceus, the symbol for the medical profession, and he notes it is fading fast. Max tells him that all the cult members had one but on their forearm.

Alec arrives at Crash, sitting at the bar. Asha notices him and he nods a greeting. Asha walks over to him and he asks her if she's been avoiding him. She says no but is glad nothing happened the last night they saw each other, when they almost slept together. Alec agrees and he tries to make light of his life – he was made in a lab, he spent his formative years learning the fine art of assassination and there are people looking to kill him. Asha says he's scared to let go and Alec, becoming very serious, says that last time he let go, someone died. Asha, flustered, apologises but Alec is now in a dark mood and tells her to stay away from him, for her own sake. Max, getting beers for her and Logan, snippily asks what Alec did now. Alec is in no mood for Max's insults and asks her why he's always the bad guy with her. He points out that he could play the charming, sweet guy and score a really nice girlfriend, but he doesn't because, unlike her, he's doing the right thing. Irritated, Max demands to know what that means. Alec asks if she thinks the only problem she and Logan has is the virus. Max snaps yes. "Max, we don't belong with them – we're a danger to them." Logan walks up and Alec leaves. But his words hit home and she makes an excuse that she's going home but Logan, knowing something's wrong, accidentally grabs her arm. They both look at his hand in horror… seconds later, Logan is lying on the floor. Alec comes up beside Max and stands with her.

Paramedics rush Logan to hospital. Dr Shankar tells Max that the virus is a genetically altered form of a biowarfare agent, no cure. Max tells her that the transgenics were made immune to such agents and though Max can't give a transfusion, another transgenic could.

Alec is sitting at Crash, staring into space. When Max phones and asks him to come to the hospital without explanation, he immediately says he's on his way. But when he walks out the door, he's hit by a spotlight – several police cars and police officers are waiting for him outside and place Alec under arrest.

White walks into a room to find Mule polishing shoes. Mule says that he does whatever the men tell him to do. Mule is wary of White and White assures him that he means him no harm but Mule reminds him that White cut him, put the snake blood inside him and said it was supposed to kill him. White covers, saying that it was a test and Mule passed. He tells Mule that this is their secret.

At the hospital, Max is pacing. Where is Alec? Max decides that Alec is an unreliable jerk. Shankar asks if there is anyone else who can help and Max leaves. Joshua has fallen asleep on his porch and wakes to find a dog licking him. He realises the dog is attached to it's blind owner, Annie and Joshua makes up a story about him visiting and when Annie asks where he comes from, almost says 'Manticore' but quickly changes it to Mantiocoro, as if it is a city in France. Annie leaves and Max arrives, asking for his help. She sneaks him into the hospital and the transfusion works, the blood neutralising the virus. Shankar says Logan is asking for her. But Max realises this was just too close. She decides to break it off completely with Logan, before she kills him. She tells Cindy that she can't see him and leaves.

At the police station, Alec is in a line-up and a witness identifies him. When Alec asks why he's being arrested, he's told it's for the murder of Timothy Ryan, but the name means nothing to Alec.

At Jam Pony, the next day, Normal is worried sick, Alec hasn't reported to work and isn't answering his cellphone. He asks around but no-one knows where Alec is. Original Cindy notes Max's pager going off again and rebukes Max that Logan deserves an explanation. Max reluctantly phones him and he makes a joke about walking around the hospital with the back of his gown open, looking for her. Before she can say anything, he starts talking about how he's put his doodlings from the bar onto a big board. Max tells him it's over and he reminds her that he's been there, thinking it's too hard but in the end realised being away from her is worse. Max hangs up on him.

White meets with a representative of his cult's leadership. He explains that the transgenic, Mule, got sick but didn't die. Max not dying was not a fluke, but she is different, she never showed any symptoms. White suspects that Sandeman made his transgenics immune to the virus. "This changes everything."

Annie returns to Joshua's and issues a dinner invitation. Since he cannot leave his house, Joshua offers dinner at his house instead. When she smells turpentine, he tells her he paints.

Max tells Original Cindy that it's over with her and Logan. Sketchy comes up to them and tells them about Alec – he's been arrested. Max, still angry at Alec for not coming to the hospital, acts like she doesn't care. Original Cindy points out that they could notice his barcode, could mean exposure. Max reluctantly agrees to go help him. She visits him, posing as a public defender. Alec is extremely relieved to see her but she cuts him off – she thought he was arrested for one of his scams, but he killed someone. Alec tries to explain but she declares that she's sorry she ever released him from Manticore and inflicted him on the world. She decides to leave him for White and starts to leave. Alec swears he's innocent, the dead man had his teeth pulled out and he was killed over a year ago while Alec was still at Manticore. Max realises that Alec has been arrested for the murders his twin Ben committed and when the guard enters, she knocks him unconscious.

Though Alec is grateful for her sudden change of heart, he is puzzled about why she believes him. As they exit through a third story window, she tells him it was Ben. "Ben, my Manticore twin Ben?" She quickly explains that Ben killed Ryan and 10 other people. Alec is impressed – he was told Ben went nuts but not that he was a serial killer. Angry, Max threatens to shove Alec off the ledge they're edging along. Max and Alec climb onto a drainpipe which Max kicks free of the wall. The drainpipe falls away from the building, putting them outside the fence. They jump, landing on a car whose windows explode on impact, and duck behind the car from the shooting police. They run for Max's bike and escape.

At Max's apartment, Alec is worried about how to get out from under the charges, he can't use the excuse that he was in a secret government facility. He starts to say maybe Logan can do something then horrified, remembers and anxiously asks if Logan is alright. Max says he is but when Alec asks what's wrong, Max tells him they won't be seeing each other again – and please don't say 'I told you so'. Alec quietly says that he wouldn't. Max starts to make them coffee. "Since we're already knee-deep in painful subjects… tell me about him, about Ben." Max explains how Ben always wanted answers for everything so he'd make up these stories. But when they escaped from Manticore, there were just too many things he didn't have answers for and he 'just lost it'. Max turns to get cups from the cupboard but when she sits down with her back to him, Alec circles the counter and asks what's wrong. Max stares at the cupboard, while Alec stands quietly watching her. Max: We were in the woods, he was hurt, Manticore was closing in on us… he didn't want to go back there. Alec: Re-indoctrination… or worse. Max: I killed him… he asked me to so I did… then I ran, I saved myself and I just left his body there for them to take away. Max starts to silently cry. Alec puts his arm around her shoulders, kissing her hair. He rests his cheek against her head and whispers that he's sorry.

Joshua and Annie have dinner together and Annie explains she's blind because after the Pulse, she got measles and her parents couldn't afford black-market medicine. She realises that Joshua doesn't pity her like most people do, not realising that Joshua envies her for many things, like being able to go outside, or go to Crash. She remarks that she wishes she could see his paintings and he takes her to one of them, letting her touch it's ridged surface, telling her where each colour is.

Early the next day, Logan is pacing his apartment, wanting to phone Max then decides to go in person. Max walks out of her building with Alec, now on warm terms with each other. He says he'll crash at Joshua's. Logan gets out of his car. "Must be hard, huh? Having me around? Some guy with Ben's face, making you think about things you'd rather forget?" "Yeah, it's probably why I'm such a bi**h to you sometimes." "Maybe…" Logan stops, seeing them. "Or you know, maybe…" Alec puts his arm around her shoulders, "… it's because I'm such a pain in the ass sometimes." Logan is watching, stunned. Laughing, Max pushes Alec away and he touches her arm, smiling, then walks away. Logan slowly turns and gets back into his car.

Alec informs Joshua that he's going to stay with him until the heat's off his place. He immediately asks where Joshua's television is and is horrified that Joshua doesn't have one. Joshua suggests Alec read a book and gently smacks Alec on the head with one. Alec pulls out his phone, he'll get one. While Alec waits for the phone to dial, he accidentally walks to the painting Joshua is doing of Annie. Seeing it, Alec cancels the call. Joshua reassures Alec that Annie is blind – no running, no screaming. Alec is about to warn Joshua but Joshua cuts Alec off, he know the dangers. "I'm tired of laying low, Alec."

White tells Mule he's free to go and drives him to a sector checkpoint. He says that Mule will be free if he can get past the fence, but watch out for 'enemy soldiers' describing the sector police. White watches as Mule tries to force open the gate, setting off the alarm. The police come and Mule fights them with considerable strength. Mule is shot several times and killed, people crowd around, wondering what Mule is. White watches with satisfaction then slowly drives away.

Alec is watching tv and Joshua is trying to read and complains about the tv's volume. Alec invites him to watch and they are startled by a special news bulletin, showing Mule's death, using words like 'super-human strength' and 'mutant'. Jam Pony is watching too, 'government project called Manticore'. Logan sees the bulletin too, thinking immediately of Max. Alec puts on his jacket, this is trouble. They hear Annie calling and Alec urges Joshua to send her away, it's too dangerous for everyone. Joshua tells her he's going home and Annie almost cries. She wants to remember him and wants to touch his face. Joshua sends Alec a pleading look and Alec takes his place, letting her use her hands to memorise his face.

The bulletin talks about the barcode on Mule's neck and how it's used to keep track of the soldiers. Max's pager goes off – Alec. Joshua's really upset, can she come over? Max tries to comfort him. She tells him he did the right thing, if you care about someone, you do what's best for them, even if it hurts. She notices Joshua's necklace, he got it from Father (Sandeman) and it's the same symbol as the breeding cult.

Max breaks into Logan's place - with the lights off, she thinks he's not home. She goes to the board where he wrote the connections between Sandeman, Manticore and the breeding cult and places the necklace there, drawing an arrow between Sandeman and the breeding cult. Max is startled when the lights suddenly go on and she realises Logan was sitting in the dark, watching her. She also realises he's drunk. She tells him about the necklace but he doesn't care right now. He bitterly points out he tried to page her but he guesses she was busy. She tries to leave and he steps in front of her and he uses Max's refusal to touch him to stop her leaving. He points out he can keep her here all night… or at least till he drops dead. He confronts her about Alec, thinking she and Alec are involved. At first, she doesn't know what he's talking about then realises. He asks her to tell him he's wrong but she realises she can use this to keep Logan away from her and confirms his belief. Logan is crushed and Max leaves.

Alec finds Max on top of the Tower. She says she comes here to be alone but Alec says that with everything that happened today, they could both use a friend. She invites him to sit down. He asks if she has any deep thoughts to share, any profound realisations about life? "Yeah – love sucks."

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