Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 17

Hello, Goodbye

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • For the many stories working in this ep, it was great writing in my opinion.

    Bringing Annie into the mix was great. Joshua could have someone and didn't have to hide who he was...kind of.

    Sad what happened between Logan and Max but still a good filler to put their relationship on hold.

    I LOVED the interaction between Max and Alec. They have come to accept each other more and its cool.

    Good times.
  • Also a pivotal episode as tension over the transgenics mounts...

    This episode was sad on so many levels. To begin with, Max and Logan make contact with one another which puts Logan into the hospital. It's finally realized that a transfusion of transgenic blood (other than Max's, of course) will likely help him fight the virus. So, Logan receives some of Joshua's blood in order to save his life. Unfortunately, the whole experience shakes Max up so much that she drastically decides to cut Logan out of her life completely; she doesn't want to risk his life again. Logan is heartbroken; he knows that being without her is worse than the complications of being with her. But, Max is determined. In the end, she lets him believe that she's moved on with Alec, telling him that it's over-- get used to it.

    Secondly, there's Joshua. Joshua meets a new friend, who's blind, thus enabling him to safely enjoy her company. She has no idea that he's a transgenic. Her sweet spirit charms Joshua immediately, and he quickly begins falling for her. Unfortunately for Joshua, he is convinced by Alec to end things with her now before he puts her life at risk.

    Thirdly, there's Alec. Alec gets arrested for the murders that his Manticore clone, Ben, committed, which forces Max to deal with the pain surrounding her last encounter with Ben. She finally tells Alec what happened the year before when Ben snapped and went on a killing spree and how she killed him at his request. Alec understands now some of the difficulty she's had with him and finally begins to soften where Max is concerned.

    Lastly, there's the general transgenic tension, which is this show's way of dealing with "racial" issues. Only it's not races that we know, it's transgenics. "Everyone's afraid of what they don't understand" is the line being repeated by Max and Joshua. In this episode, those fears come to a tragic head as the diabolical White sacrifices the life a mutant transgenic in a way that also exposes their existence to the world. The incident sends Max, Alec, and Joshua scurrying to protect themselves.

    With tension building, the climax isn't far off...
  • Finally after a disappointing episodes, we get a great one here...

    This was a great episode and one of the better episodes in season 2 I think. We have Max & Logan ending their relationship (temporarily of course), a touching "love not meant to be" with Joshua & Annie, and Max painfully remembering how she killed Ben, Alec's twin (an X-5 turned serial killer from season 1). Plus this episode has a lot of flashbacks to season 1, which I enjoyed. And we get to hate Agent White a little more due to his killing of the innocent "Mule." All in all a fine episode worthy of Dark Angel. It just makes you wonder why they all couldn't be up to this standard. Fox had the talent (writers, producers, actors) and the brilliant storyline with Dark Angel. Unfortunately, they wasted it too much of the time in season 2 I think. But this one was a good one!
  • transgenics are exposed!

    this was a great episode, but it pissed me off so bad i just wanted to break something! and when a show makes you feel that way that means its good, and man was it good. alec tells max that they shouldnt be with humans cuz its bad and can hurt them so when her and logan accedently touch, she dumps him! and that just pissed me off to no end! and then when alec gets arrested she doesent want to save him! what did she all the sudden just hate him and then she thinks alec could kill that boy and she was being a total bytch to him! then logan sees them together and he asumes that they like each other! and then she tells him its true, what was she thinking!?!?! but logan is cute drunk. also joshua meets a blind girl and they are just so cute together and i really wanted him to tell her what he was but no! alec convenced him to break it off also, so now their all miserable cuz they are all stupid!