Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 17

Hello, Goodbye

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • Finally after a disappointing episodes, we get a great one here...

    This was a great episode and one of the better episodes in season 2 I think. We have Max & Logan ending their relationship (temporarily of course), a touching "love not meant to be" with Joshua & Annie, and Max painfully remembering how she killed Ben, Alec's twin (an X-5 turned serial killer from season 1). Plus this episode has a lot of flashbacks to season 1, which I enjoyed. And we get to hate Agent White a little more due to his killing of the innocent "Mule." All in all a fine episode worthy of Dark Angel. It just makes you wonder why they all couldn't be up to this standard. Fox had the talent (writers, producers, actors) and the brilliant storyline with Dark Angel. Unfortunately, they wasted it too much of the time in season 2 I think. But this one was a good one!