Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 20

Hit A Sista Back

Aired Unknown May 08, 2001 on FOX

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  • Motherhood

    It's a solid episode, but it certainly could have been better. I wasn't quite feeling the emotion of Tinga's plight. It's an interesting angle to have one of the X5s a mother, but crucial moments where we're meant to feel for these new characters are far too melodramatic for my liking. The acting, too, was a little off.

    It was great to see so many X5s in action – Max, Tinga, Brynn and Zack are all present and accounted for. All have been in previous episodes, so there's a great sense of these super-heroes coming together to fight the big bad. Of course, there's no big blow out. Max's confrontation with Brynn is curiously handled. Brynn won the fight (if you can call it that), but it would have been better had these two femme fatales really had at it, with Max taking the majority of the blows. Instead, we get a few kicks and Max is down. Was she just thrown off by fighting her sister? The entire scene should have sizzled, but it kind of faded out. Max was told that if they'd meed again, Brynn would take her in. Hopefully their next fight will showcase both X5s true potential.

    What really works in this episode's favour is how menacing Manticore comes across. Lydecker is left in the dark, and a result, they were able to capture Tinga. I loved that scene where Tinga thinks Brynn was coming to her aid, when in fact, she was simply taking orders from someone higher. Now Tinga is in a much more critical position that one could have imaged…worse than Manticore…as with the running theme of Tinga's fairytale, there's no happy ending to this episode…none whatsoever. I liked that.

    Overall, it's a slow start to an episode that escalates into something rather huge.
  • tinga wants to save her family and max helps

    this was a good episode but i found it to be really sad. tinga haveing a family was suprising and it really sucked that they found out about it. i hadd thought that they would live happily ever after but lydecker just had to put that stuff in her kid and then he is double crossed, which sucks cuz even though lydecker was evil you could tell that in his own twisted way he cares about his kids and this new lady dosent and is more evil than him. the little boy was extreamly smart, zack also cam,e back in htis one and i still dont like the way he acts. also logans money problem was only memtioned once and so far it seems to be affecting him very little.