Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 20

Love Among The Runes

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on FOX

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  • Finally! A look into what has been going on this whole season...

    This episode was very important in finally revealing to the audience what the heck has been going on for the last 19 episodes!! Max begins to develop some tattoos (or runes) on her skin. Somehow it's figured out that these ancient symbols were programmed into her DNA by Father Sandeman. We also learn that Ames White is Sandeman's son, and that he has a brother who is crazy!! It's no wonder with all this breeding cult stuff that's going on!!

    It seems the purpose of the breeding cult was to continue producing people who would be immune to this apocalyptic virus that was coming. But Sandeman built Manticore to genetically engineer people to be immune. And it turns out that while his son, Ames, was immune, his other crazy son was not. Hence the development of Manticore to help people who were not naturally immune. So now we find out why Ames has been killing transgenics. And he particularly hates Max because she's the best transgenic of them all.

    I found this episode revealing and was definitely glad for all the questions it answered, but I'm still not crazy about this breeding cult storyline for most of S2. I really wish there would have been a S3 where all this was wrapped up and a new story arc had been created.
  • some crazy guy gets out and runs into max who has tatoos forming on her skin

    great episode, alittle annoying at first with them all the sudden haveing every one working together and not much explaination as to who people are but after a while i got over it. those humans beating up and killing that one transgentic was so sad, i just wanted to kill them, but i knew that if alec and joshua had killed them it would have been bad. that one crazy guy was just weird sometimes he would act really crazy and at other times he would act smart and at other times he would act like he was a kid, so yea whatever i liked him and that he helped max even though he helped catch her to begin with. wow white is sandamans son, who woulda guessed. max being the one was just alittle weird, but i did get used to the fact that shes going to save the world. she saw logan and they talked but he still thinks she's with alec. skeachy finds out that max and alec are transgenics, im glad hes ok with that.
  • Loved this ep and many shout-outs to Original Cindy.

    Once again Original Cindy shows her dedication to her friends and its fantastic.

    Alec confronting Max about the position he was placed in brings to question his morality on everything. It shows growth in his character

    I am amazed and somewhat glad that Sketchy has lived this long. It is an amazing accomplishment.