Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 14

Love in Vein

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2002 on FOX

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  • people are getting 'high' off a transgics blood

    this was a good episode. i liked that joshua got oout but after he smoked i knew that it was only a matter of time till he took his helment off, too bad though now he wont go back out. the stuff with thta girl wanting out of the gang and the evil guy killing her was sad. and that one girl max got was cool and im glad that she didnt drink even though she thought she would die, i liked logans little speach too, it was sweet. so a good one.
  • Interesting storyline, but the premise of Max feeling guilty for letting the transgenics loose is wearing thin...

    This episode was interesting to watch for the most part. The cult being headed by another transgenic was kind of weird with all the blood-sipping, but it was palatable since this is a sci-fi show. Vampires and blood-sucking just isn't my thing. We had some good Max/Logan moments in this episode, too. I loved how he showed up at the hospital after she told him she could handle it alone. And he made it clear at the end, that he digs the fact that she's not a regular girl. ("A regular girl...what fun is that?") And Max finally realized how lucky she is to have someone like Logan in her life, and how she doesn't need to keep all the messed-up Manticore stuff from him.

    But poor Joshua... he desperately wants to have contact with the outside world, but, as Max keeps telling him, people are afraid of what they don't understand. Unfortunately for Joshua, he's a transgenic that can't blend in. While in disguise, he feels that he can reveal himself to a group of people, but he quickly realizes that they are freaked out by him. He then begins to understand that he'll spend his life hiding from the rest of the world. Max tries to cheer him up, but he has trouble bouncing back. Ah well... there's always the next episode...