Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 9

Medium Is The Message

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2001 on FOX

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  • If all of season 2 was this good....

    Just when you think season 2 has nothing to offer but a "freak of the week" comes this episode which opens some new doors. And just when you thought Aames White was this 1-dimensional character, finally we get to see that there is a reason behind this almost cyborg-like personality of his. In this episode we get a sort of X-Files taste of a possible alien conspiracy or some sort of super breed of which Agent White is a part of. Although I still miss the classic season 1 where the focus was on the X5s and Lydecker/Manticore, the direction that was taken in this episode for season 2 is very interesting. The silly and comical interplay between Joshua and Alec was very cool, too. Overall a very well-written episode.
  • max tryes to help save her emenys son, and joshua becomes a painter.

    this was good, joshua was so sweet in this one, and he developed a new talent, painting! now i personaly didnt really think his art was all that good, but art is like that, its all about the eye of the beholder, or something like that. well anyway alec helped sell the paintings and their interaction was cute/funny. joshua meeting that lady was the best part, it was just so sweet, and she was really nice to him and didnt care what he looked like. this is the first tim lydecer has been mentioned since his car crash, i think he will come back, people have a habit of doing that in this show. we find out that white has a family and that he stole his own son, for some strange reason, his wife was nice though, too bad he tryed to kill her! we also find out that there are others that are just as strong as max (white being one of them) that arent geneticly engerneered. it will be interesting how this turns out.
  • Ames White is no ordinary bad guy, he is ring leader of a super cult bent on world domination and creating a race of super beings while maintaining his cover as a secret agent dedicated to eradicating the world of Jessica Alba.

    I always thought Martin Cummins did a helluva job at portraying an evil SOB. This is the episode where the entire season takes a turn and goes from outrageous to outright bizarre. Since the show has long been cancelled I always look for that one specific moment that sealed the fate of the series. I wonder aloud, if this may have been the moment. Since you already have genetically enhanced freaks on the run from an undefined government agency, did we really need the leader of sed government agency to secretly be in a group dedicated to the breeding of a super-race bent on world domination? I long for the good 'ol days where Max was running from Lydecker and things seemed simplistic yet sufficient.

    Good comedic understory with Alec and Joshua as well, usually DA comedy is hit or miss (see "BOO" for miss), but it worked nicely here. Solid effort all around and good swerve as just as we start to feel sorry for White, all is not as it would appear. Things would never be the same again and I still don't know if that is a good thing or the nail in the coffin.

    ***.5 out of 4 stars
  • Max and Logan find that Ames White has a family, and the child has been kidnapped. But, the more interesting plot, the b-plot, has Joshua revealing a new talent

    Although this episode marks the essential turning point of the second season (the first time White has been revealed to be part of the mysterious breeding cult), it also is another episode where the fast forward button on my DVD is my best friend.

    Starting with this episode, I tend to be more engaged with the b-plot featuring Alec and Joshua. Those two provide much needed comic relief, and they are a joy to watch when they are on screen together.

    The commentaries on the DVD say that the writers joked about creating a spin-off sitcom featuring Alec and Joshua "A Dog and His Boy." Starting from this episode, that would have been more enjoyable than the usual Max/Logan angst.

    Don't get me wrong: I like Dark Angel. But, the second season would be nothing without Joshua and Alec.
  • One of my favorite episodes for the interaction between Joshua and Alec. Then there's the complications with White that make it even more rivoting.

    Joshua is one of my favorites from the second season so to see him finding something he enjoys is just fun. Alec of course taking advantage of that is classic. Still more story development of White and his background was outrageaously good. It was a twist I wasn't expecting and it was a great one.