Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 9

Medium Is The Message

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2001 on FOX

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  • max tryes to help save her emenys son, and joshua becomes a painter.

    this was good, joshua was so sweet in this one, and he developed a new talent, painting! now i personaly didnt really think his art was all that good, but art is like that, its all about the eye of the beholder, or something like that. well anyway alec helped sell the paintings and their interaction was cute/funny. joshua meeting that lady was the best part, it was just so sweet, and she was really nice to him and didnt care what he looked like. this is the first tim lydecer has been mentioned since his car crash, i think he will come back, people have a habit of doing that in this show. we find out that white has a family and that he stole his own son, for some strange reason, his wife was nice though, too bad he tryed to kill her! we also find out that there are others that are just as strong as max (white being one of them) that arent geneticly engerneered. it will be interesting how this turns out.