Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Unknown May 15, 2001 on FOX

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  • Max and Logan [almost] gettn bizzy.

    It's a busy, busy episode, this one. There are quite a few pivotal storylines at play here, but there are a few moments of misplaced comedy as well. It's not that these segments weren't funny - in fact when Max hits on her boss it's hilarious, and I always enjoy more Original Cindy screen time - they just stick out like sore thumbs, given the content of the previous episode involving Tinga. That storyline is addressed, however, and it all ends with a doozey of a cliff-hanger, so I suppose I should forgive and forget. As penultimate episodes go, this one was a little too messy at times, but it tackles some major arc-heavy plot points and sets up the finale nicely.
  • In this episode, Max is in Heat again and does some crazy things!

    This is one of my favorite episodes! The best part was when max goes into Normal's office and the music starts playing and she is starring at him like he is HOT! I have watched that scene like every week and I still laugh everytime! Also, I liked this episode because it was the first time that Max and Logan admit that they like each other! I had been waiting for that the entire season! This episode was so hilarious with all of the other scenes when max has to fight her "urdge". This episode is exactly what this show needed!
  • max gets crazy

    i loved this episode it was funny in the begining with max looking at every guy, and i couldnt stop laughing when she like attacked her boss, that was halarious. also her with logan was funny too. i didnt like the fact that she slept with that other guy but i was happy that logan understood and finally! they get together! but then zack came in. the ending was sad poor tinga and max, i wonder what will happen. and lydecker i feel bad for, he is so out of the loop, i wonder how hes going to handle it all, i hate that lady though.
  • max and logan finally admit how they feel

    thats soo great!!

    max goes into heat and and sleeps with a pizza guy only to admit to herself first that she is in love with logan.aww...

    max gets a battery thing for logans exo-skeleton and he can walk aswell.

    max cancels dinner with him but the next night tells him evrything and they kiss

    zach comes to ruin the moment but still they are in love...

    they go to resue tinga and max gets trapped inside the facility with lydecker and his men.
    great episode...finally max and logan are together...kinda...but still its about time lol=]
  • Max goes into heat

    The manin focus of this episode dealt with Max going into heat. We are also leading up to the season finale as Max's "brothers and sisters" return. Lydecker comes to realize that Manticore doesn't see him as an asset any longer.
    Though the storyline dealing with Max's urges was funny, it was heartbreaking at the end, but she and Logan find a good place in their relationship.
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