Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2000 on FOX

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  • Girls kick ass. Says so on the T-shirt.

    Following in the steps of a certain slayer, Dark Angel attempts to capture some of the target audience Whedon's breakout show seemed to be nabbing in drones. Co-written by James Cameron of the terminator films, who becomes nothing more than a mere figure head for the series until the series finale, this is a tightly woven pilot that sports some strong production values, a likeable cast and some good aul fashioned twist and turns along the way. The set design is truly something and there's a nice sense of dread that looms over the city that really comes through onscreen. Seattle looks terrific when reduced to nothing more than a wasteland-like dystopia. While the seeds are planted for a long-term series, with some plot strands that are genuinely intriguing even at this stage (loving the flashbacks), this pilot is a little bit too overtly feminist for its own good. Almost every male character in this pilot is portrayed as some scumbag - the evil landlord, Max's ex boyfriend, Sketch and his cheating ways, the guy running manticore, heck, even Logan gets more than an earful about men and their distrustful ways. Lay off of it already! Other than that, though, this a fine pilot with some very cool, if somewhat unoriginal ideas and some intense action sequences. Plus Alba is great here…whatever happened to her acting abilities? She convinces throughout and manages to hold your attention for the majority of the 2 hour pilot…nowadays though, she can't even deliver a line without losing me, she's awful in her batch of new films (Good Luck Chuck, Awake, The Eye etc.). Anyways, a very good start to a decent series.
  • One of the finest pilots ever written and produced in my opinion. Though I loved season 1 of the show, I think only the final season 1 episode ever quite lived up to the brilliance of the pilot.

    The pilot was exceptionally written. There was a lot to understand about Max's past and what her "mission" was now. The pilot did a wonderful job of explaining enough of the plot of the series without giving away all the detail. By the end of the pilot episode you understand who Max is and where she has came from but you are left curious to learn more. I particularly liked John Savage's performance as Lydecker. Though he is the "villain" his character is developed throughout season 1 and you begin to understand his passionate pursuit of the super soldiers. After all this is his life's work and he is bonded to them. Dark Angel is a science fiction action series. And so beyond the story, you have a lot of cool military vehicles and futuristic automobiles and gadgets and the creation of this futuristic albeit third world view of Seattle.
  • Worth the hour.

    Interesting Pilot Episode, well worth watching. The effects and stunts are fairly decent. The sets, locations and costumes make it seem post apocalyptic in every sense. James Cameron work is very good considering this is lower budget than his usual work. Jessica Alba plays her role as a super human very well with constant flashbacks to her youth. In this first part of a two part pilot, we get to see our heroine and her current life. She has a home and a job but she is constantly looking over her shoulder. You get the sense she has to live her life a little on the edge and her second job as a cat burglar fills her needs. This first part episode fills in the basic premise of the show.