Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

I've seen the future and it works." Prince

In the year 2009…

At a secret government facility called Manticore in Gillette, Wyoming…

All hell broke loose!

Several experimental soldiers, genetically enhanced for maximum combat efficiency, bolted from their keepers and attempted to escape in the cold winter night. Some of them didn't make it, thanks to the head of project security Lydecker. Thirteen of these super beings did elude him. Thirteen…children.

One of those kids was nine year old Max.

A few months after the breakout, a group of terrorists airburst a stolen nuclear device from 80 miles off the earth's surface. The resulting EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) wave took out every computer in North America and much of the world fell into chaos and The Second Depression took hold…

Now, in the year 2019…

On the Post-Pulse streets of Seattle, Max is nineteen years old. Making her day living as a biker courier and squatting in an abandoned building (while taking up cat burglary with her special skills to pay for the private detective searching for her scattered twelve siblings) Max lives by the moment. She evades Lydecker's dogs, and doesn't pay much attention to the world…until one particular B&E brings her face to face with the renegade cyber journalist Eyes Only also known as Logan Cale.

One of the few people whose wealth survived the Pulse, he uses his resources to take on the gangsters and overlords ruling America with an iron fist. His latest target…Edgar Sonrisa, a crimelord specializing in the smuggling of vital medical supplies to rich clients, while letting the poor suffer. His contact is a woman with child willing to testify but afraid for her life. Logan realizes Max's special talents and asks her to protect the client in exchange for information about her fellow escapees. Max doesn't buy his view about reclaiming the future…until she loses a close friend who needed the same medicine Sonrisa sells at inflated profit to the black market. Seeing Logan's near fatal run-in with Sonrisa's enforcers on television, Max decides to rescue the woman's kidnapped daughter using the very skills and abilities she once used for herself.

She rescues Logan from a second assassination attempt at the hospital. Then, infiltrating Sonrisa's fortress as a 'professional girl', she convinces him to play ball by returning the little girl in exchange for the woman's silence and a small finder's fee. Then, she double plays his head gangbanger Bruno by roughing him up and telling him that Sonrisa's setting him up for his carelessness with the Logan hit. After faking her own death, she uses her ability of total recall by having the number dialed on Sonrisa's phone traced to a safe house where the girl is being held…knowing full well that Lydecker has a phone trace on her and sending his squad to overrun the place. In the confusion, she sneaks in, takes a TAC Team uniform, and walks away with the girl safely in her arms without even breaking a sweat. With the girl back with her mother, Sonrisa and Bruno are wracking each other off in a firefight. Max decides to work for the greater good as Logan's reluctant enforcer--ever wary of Lydecker and his hounds, the dangers of an America overrun with tyrants and men of power, and hoping someday to be reunited with those of her own.

This is the future and Max must make it work…somehow.