Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2000 on FOX

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  • Another day another mishap for Max.

    Interesting episode. You get to see how close Max can get to Lydecker with him knowing that she is right in front of him. I like how there is always twist and turns in the series and this episode is no different. It also shows how we can prejudge people and situations and our opinions totally change when a friend is in trouble. The group over at Jam Pony makes for an interesting bunch. In a post apocalyptic world weird to see an group so diverse get along so well. Especially when it involves religion. Much better than the previous episodes but not the best.
  • On the hour every hour...

    Much better! The interplay between Max and Lydecker is chilling and you can really feel Max's anger/discomfort when she's forced to talk to the man who tortured her for years on end. Logan, also, comes in handy (for once!) and the bit where Max saves him is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. And while the Jam Pony crew don't have much to do, it's good at least to see them in the episode! The hostage storyline is aided by some marvellous music and the acting overall convinces, and wehey, there's a decent fight scene at the end too. It'll get worse before it gets better, a hint at the dread to come from this already bleak series? Let's hope so!
  • Kendra is going to this conference of a Dr.Tanaka. Max becomes interested in it after finding out it has to do with with genetic manipulation. Logan gets her in. She ends up sitting next to Lydecker and even saves his life when May2nd holds them hostage.

    I must admit this was the first episode I\'ve watched since the show\'s ending years ago (happened to catch the tail end of a marathon on Sci-Fi channel). Watching this episode reminded me of why I watched the show to begin with. All the technical gargan and of course Max\'s kick-butt attitude. There was also the \'not-so-subtle\' sexual tension between Max and Logan present, so that made it even better. There was enough action throughout the ep that it kept you watching but not so much that it was all you were seeing. My favorite would have to be when it first came on and Max just started spewing off with all of the scientific stuff concerning genes to Kendra was like, wow, how can anyone not wonder what is up with her.