Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 3

Proof Of Purchase

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 2001 on FOX

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  • Alec was forced into killing other X's in order to save his life. In the end he didn't kill Max or Joshua tho. He'd rather die then kill a friend. And even though Max doesn't see it, it really showed how much of a caring guy he is and still changing

    This was a great Episode! It not only showed Alec with no shirt but it showed him as a solder. And also how much he didn't want to kill anyone but had to. I love how it showed him fighting with himself on whether on not to do this. Even though his whole life he was trained to kill. But now he had a choice, and he didn't want to. He would have rather died then kill Max or Josh! And when you think about it, that shows a lot, considering Max had been giving him such a hard time even since he got out. But he took the much higher road and didn't kill them, then found out he could get the bomb in his head taken out before it exploded. Again Jensen did a great job, and has a great body! ^_~
  • alec kills

    good episode, i really like alec and was kinda upset that he agreed to kill 3 others like him, i know it was to save himself but he could have been smarter about it. i wanted to know what that first one was i think it was kinda like a panther, and when he killed him i was afraid he would kill the boy to, glad he didnt. him going to max was good i think he should of told her about it even tho she wasnt listening, HA joshua didnt have a bar code and you can see hes not all bad cuz he couldnt kill max or that kid. im not too happy that max hates him, but she does have a good reason. her and logan not being able to touch was just killing me that just so sucks!!!!!
  • theres a bomb in alecs head. he could die if he doesnt kill three transgenics in 24 hours.

    i think this is an awsome episode. ok not only is alec hott he is even hotter evil! and under that shirt is like sun hott. just the thought of him having to kill other transgenics to live is not fair! he looked so sad when max was mad at him. i felt like crying just looking at his beautiful eyes looking so hopeless. and plus max doesnt need logan, she should do alec. hes hott. logans not.