Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 4

Radar Love

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2001 on FOX

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  • This is where season 1 fades into the past and season 2 is upon us.

    This is the episode that I pinpoint as really the beginning of season 2. No more Lydecker, Dr. Renfro is long gone and all we have left in their place is Agent White and a new freak of the week. Season 2 isn't terrible, its just that it isn't season 1, which is sad and painful to watch at times. This episode especially puts the relationship between Logan and Max and the "will they ever be together?" card squarely on the table. It was a lot more fun in season 1 watching them dance around each other willfully. Freak of the week and poor Max & Logan = welcome to season 2!
  • a virus is killing people

    this was an ok episode, i liked the begining wiht joshua and the music that was playing and i liked when origanl cindy hit him for trying to eat out of the pan. that on hot guy that max slept with is now back, and still looking good. i felt bad that thatugly transgentic died he seemed nice. that stuff between max and logan was just killing me, i with they would cure her already and the fact that ms blond is hitting on logan, but at the end they didnt anwser their phones. i think the hot guy and the blond lady would be cute together.