Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Jan 16, 2001 on FOX

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  • The Red, it filters through...

    Four writers. Really? Not exactly a complicated episode, the overabundance of scribes may have contributed to the sometimes jarring storytelling, but at least this one has quite a few moments of hilarity (check out Max's reaction when she arrives back at the protection house to see her ole pal Bruno enjoying a nice lap dance). And there's a nice twist at the end followed, by a rare fight scene where it takes Max more than just a punch here and a few kicks there to win the fight, as she's taken down a peg or three. While the story may be wafer thin, the one-liners and comedic timing keep it fresh and interesting. Dark Angel manages another solid episode after a brief slip up last time.
  • max protects sucm-bag

    this episode was extremlly good, i was very glad that they brought bruno back, he made the show very funny and enjoyable. unforunatlly he had to betray max in the end to the evil unbeatable super guys. i for one do not like these new bad guys, they just seem very immortal to me. i will be extremlly happy when max finally beats these guys. as for the max/logan relationship i was sad to see that nothing happened, they really should just get a move on with that. i was also kinda dissapointed that max's bike messinger friends had a very small part in this episode. but overall this was a very good episode.