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  • I love this show

    One of the greatest. most unique and amazing shows ever created. Lots of character development, intriguing stories and fantastic dialogue. It's got everything from drama to action to comedy. The main actors are great, have good chemistry, and make any episode easy to watch. Both seasons are really well done; even the weakest episodes have an important feature. Each episode is different and easily distinguishable, which is hard for a show to achieve. Season one is both dark and disturbing by exploring Max's past filled with haunting flashbacks. All this makes Max very sympathetic. Season two tackles important realistic issues people can relate to, such as racism and judging appearances. Max feels proud of who and what she is, no matter if she's different from a regular human. The directing and writing are superb when they need to be. This show knows when to be chilling and intense, especially when it comes to important episodes. Some of the best parts of the show are the brilliant set design made from scratch to really emphasize a post-pulse world and the beautiful music.
  • The Life of Max Guevara

    Dark Angel was in effect the life of Max Guevara. There's a character arc that can not be fully understood or appreciated unless we incorporate the Max Allan Collins novels. This well-written, compelling fiction fleshes out the story line, gives us an abundance of detail on what Max did both before and after the time period covered by the TV series. By the time Max arrives at Jam Pony, she is a seasoned, savvy and capable young woman. She has done time in an abusive foster home, lived on her own as a recluse, and spent six years working her way up the criminal hierarchy of a Los Angeles street gang. She has all the gifts and training to survive in a treacherous, hostile environment. Her experience in the gang taught her the value of loyalty but her circle of trust had always been very small. There was the constant fear of exposure. Project Manticore was still operational. Colonel Lydecker's hunt for the missing X5s remained an on-going concern. So, as the TV series opens we find Max settling into Seattle. She yearns to live a quieter, low-profile life, content to look after her own needs and not have to deal with the day to day violence and obligations of the gangs. At least, that was her aim.

    Into this mix is introduced community and social activist Logan Cale. Needless to say the chemistry between them (both on and off screen) has a galvanising effect on Max and very quickly changes her set of priorities. The pilot sets the stage. Through the course of two seasons we see Max's strategy on dealing with Manticore evolve, going from defensive to offensive. We also see a young woman who has long been comfortable as a loner, gradually move beyond her comfort zone and develop a sense of altruism. Max always expressed a keen interest in the fate of the small group of X5s, her "brothers and sisters", who had escaped with her. After Manticore is destroyed, these feelings of kinship and responsibility extend to cover the entire transgenic community. By the time the storyline reaches the second season finale, Max has claimed a leadership role. The Max Allan Collins novels take us well into what would have been the third season. Many issues are resolved. A lot has to be said about Max's abilities, social values and intelligence. The TV series focuses mostly on her physical prowess. However, the leadership skills necessary to bridge the social divide between the transgenics and the society at large requires a markedly different skill set and involves some deft political negotiation. The virus issue separating Max and Logan is also satisfactorily dealt with. The beauty of the story becomes apparent in its entirety. Max has gone from a nave, cautious girl-soldier-in-training, through a period as a self-absorbed teenager, finally maturing to become a caring and responsible community leader. It is a remarkable transformation.

    The TV series is a depiction of Max's life. Some of the episodes were really good, such as the pilot and the second season finale. In between the episodes ran hot and cold. They lost a good character when John Savage's Lydecker left early in the second season. Personally, I thought Jessica Alba was great. But the appeal of a particular actor is often a question of taste. It was devastating that the cancellation came following the second season finale, a cliff hanger. However, the continuation of the storyline in book form, based on the scenario mock-ups and scripts destined for the third season, more than makes up for the loss.
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  • Jensen Ackles Rocks ......... Oh and the Show was Great

    Only watched it as Jensen Ackles was in. His charisma is great and really brings fun and life to his characters. It definitely got me addicted

    I thought that the Story line was good and would have like to have seen Season 3 Play out.

    Only realised that Michael Weatherly (NCIS) was in it until near the end. Interesting (Superman type take on his character . Glasses on totally different person) haha

  • the only reason to watch? jensen ackles (s2 only)

    the only reason i bothered to watch was jensen's precense in it, cause alba was dreadfull & could'nt stand her. weatherly was ok, although recently learn that he & alba treated jensen like cr*** bts, counting lines & stuff, cause jensen was stealing the scene. which is exactly the same thing that happens on spn & that explains why every possible dean arc goes out of the window, 10 seasons now (count demon dean too based on spoilers)
  • Great Show Loved it.

    To Ebonylovesdean,

    Wow. Taking it a little personal aren't we. It's a . show. Thant's all. Maybe you should step away from the idiot box and go outside and get a life. The fresh air would probably do you some good.
  • This show was crap and I'm glad it lasted two seasons!

    Jessica abla is a bad actress and she sucks . She's not talented at all. And micheal weatherly sucks too. Jensen ackles was the only reason to watch this show! And Alec is hotter than Logan that's fact! And Logan was boring and who ever liked/loved him are dumb ass trolls. And max was boring too and that bitch was not that hot either. And this show was crap. But Alec was the best in the show. The max/Alec paring is crazy and Alec is way better than her! And Jessica is a bitch and micheasl is a jerk plus he's ugly so glad that dark angel is over it was lame and maz was a bitch and OC was a ghetto dumb bitch bitch too. Jensen was the only reason to watch this crap show!
  • Dark Angel

    I loved the show and would like to see it again.
  • why the show was Cancel !!! Bering show back,

    The Writers & Actors where not getting Paid, show they went on Trick, and had too Cancel season3, the only way too Bering Back Dark Angel , if other writers to pick it up and do a payout, and change the name,,, but the other writers won't give The movie up,, or Sell out,, I wish Some one would Bering Dark Angel Back on Tv
  • season 3

    there was a season 3 want it on no where is it on the
  • Dark Angel, Jessica's best

    I loved this show. I wish it had lasted longer than 2 seasons. Though the second season felt a bit cut from the same cloth as X-Men, it was still unique enough science fiction to be compelling. Manticore needed stronger villains, but Jessica Alba has yet to make a movie as compelling as this James Cameron masterpiece. Netflix has to add it to its instant offerings
  • Best role ever for Jessica

    I've yet to see a movie/t.v show where J.A is as comfortable and believable as she was throughout this series.

    Sure it could have done with a bit more grit, and the continuous U.S.T between Max and Logan dragged on far too long; but it was an enjoyable show with likable characters. Plenty of 'sass' and humour, mixed with the sci-fi futuristic stuff. Dark Angel definitely deserved another season!
  • The best freaking show ever:

    This was the best freaking show ever no pun intended.Jessica Alba was so hot and very believable as max it also had and all star cast b4 all star cast were popular now ev show has an all star cast . I wish fox or even james cameron would make a movie .I also feel that it could still b a hit show a season three would be awesome if Buffy the vampire slayer and angel lasted so long y didn't this this show is 100 times better than both of them . i wish tnt or fx would have done instead of fox fox sucks bring back season three cause i still want to know what was going on with Ames& his freaky shit so if james cameron reads this make the freaking movie & @ least finish the story
  • Dark Angel: Should It Come Back?

    **WARNING: SEASON 2 SPOILERS** In my own personal opinion, the plot line of Dark Angel, a bunch of genetically enhanced kids escaping from a secret government agency, was a bit O-T-T, but it was still a very interesting show. Max, the heroine of the show, a Transgenic escapee from Manticore and played by Jessica Alba follows the typical 'I just want to be normal' superhuman stereotype, and at the end of season two it was plain that the writers were struggling. Still, the show itself was entertaining at times, and heartbreaking at others. However, the most disapointing thing about Dark Angel was that it was never really finished. They do not tie up all the lose ends in the show, like what about Max and Logan and the virus, or Ames White and his breeding cult were bringing about the doomsday, but it never happened. And what happens with the transgenics in Terminal City?? Personally, I think they should start again with new actors and actually finish the story this time. But, of course, no one can replace the wonderful job done by Jessica Alba(Max) and Jensen Ackles (Alec).
  • Who run the world?! (GIRLS)

    LOL that song comes to mind!

    I loved this show when it came out? I was like 9..11?

    I loved the flashbacks of Max as a kid & all her crazy brothers & sisters :)

    Know what I didn't love? Logan! He has ruined that name so hard! Sorry Wolverine!

    Hes a dick! He was nice @ the start, but I mean srsly! Max should be with someone of her 'own kinda' and I get the play on that they were trying to make re: racism or something. But srstly! She's a freaking half animal & probably robot. Ya she should be with her own kind!

    And Alec was the best! She just didn't like competition. She was soo mean to him! He did better then she did in like 1/2 year then she did in 10 years.

    But ya. I'm so happy for Jessica Alba now! Her 2 daughters are soo cute!
  • this show is about a man made woman name max who is on the run from the people that made her what she is...

    max and other like her where part of an governement experimnet.basically the government got all this women to have this babies.once this women was with child.the government did experiments on the unborn baby with cat dna.

    this made max and others liker her perfect killing machines b/c of the cat dna.the cat dna made max have superstrength to fight,she as superhuman refelexes to react faster than any person on the planet,she also as superspeed where she can run very fast,she has very good eye sight in the dark,and she can see very far away.she also can heal very fast and give out blood to anyone.she is a good fighter..

    the governent trained them all in martial arts,and taught them things that make them very smart and basically perfect.

    the problem came in when the children started to think they could take the government down.they all wanted to be free so they all escape the place that made them and they all made their way in the world.

    max kind of grow alone wondering if any of the others made it out like she had b/c when they escape the ppl that made them were killing them to stop them from getting out.basically once they were out the place called maticore they all where on their own.

    max works at jam pony which is like fedex.she delivery boxes.she then meets logan who then helps her find her brothers and sisters if she help him with taking down bad guys.

    max soon learns the government made them b/c a great threat was coming and they wanted an army to fight this threat.max soon learns that they are others like her but they arent land soliders like her or her brothers and sisters..she meets soliders that were made for the water.she even meets soliders that were made for underground.(this soliders are seen in season 2 and they dont look human btw)max soon learns that that maybe maticore had a good reason to make them espeically considering max learns the faith of the world depends on her and her actions.

    the show is very good.jessica able is very good with all the stunts.season 1 she was learning how to do them all but by season season 2 she was doing all her own stunts.

    there are alot of characters with depth and personlity.this show is very good with characters like angel,and buffy the vampire slayer if u asked me.....

    season 1 was good b/c it was a good way to start of the show but i found season 1 to be kind of boring plot wise.the acting wasnt so good and the story had not alot of depht to them.i only stayed watching b/c jessica was good to look at but at the same time i enjoyed seeing what was gone happen next in every episode. even though i didnt really like the plot.

    season 2 was very good i have to say..the acting by jessica was very good.you wouldnt even notice that was jessica in season 1 when u watch season 2.i like the plot more b/c the show was more scifi.alot of fans didnt like it though.i loved it b/c its how i thought the show was gone be when it firsted started off but didnt.i like how the writers gives us more information on this soliders.i like season 2.

    this show would have been given a higher rating by me but i didnt like how fox axed this how they way they did.a season 3 would have been great.i also never really like the fact max lived in a pulse future.basically max lives in a world where bascially everyone is very poor and dont have alot.

    its a shame the show lasted only 2 seasons.the show does kind of wrap up loose ends but it leaves questions unanswered..i will say watch this show.i like the action.the characters are very loveable,the acting got better in season 2,but i like the stories more in season 1 and like the plot better in season 2.but its a good show.
  • i think it all ended far to soon, and if they bring it back for another season or movie they could make a lot of money out it so why not.

    i think they should make ethier another season of even a movie with the war between people and the mutants, i also think that it would be better if Max and Alec got together and logan finds out and tells the people who are huntiong them down as revenge. They should start with the war starting. Max should go into heat and get with Alec, but afterwards she should say something like "thats the first time i've did this and not regret it" and Alec should reply "me too", and that should be the start of them, and the reason for logan betraying them.
  • Max is a genetically engineered super soldier with amazing abilities.

    While this show ended prematurely, it was an exceptional show. Dark Angel tells the story of Max who escapes with 12 of her brothers and sisters from the facility that they were being held. Present day is in the future where nuclear bombs have wiped out infrastructure and its everyone for themselves. Max has amazing abilities that come in help as she tries to find the rest of brothers and sisters, and uncovers secrets about the organization that made them and trained them to be killing machines. Mas also helps her friends and others along the way, but she is wary to hides her true identity from almost everyone.
  • Why did this end!!!

    Oh my god i really really really loved this program. At first i ahd never heard of it before and then one night i was flicking through the tv channels and came across an epsiode of Dark Angel. i was completly hooked and couldnt wait for the next one and decided to get the box set and then realised there was only few seasons. This was such a good program why did it have to end?? jessica alba plays a great character in this as max. the storyline is different and intriguing.. come on jessica you know you want to come back as the Dark Angel!
  • Dark Angel centered around Max Guevara a genetically engineered super soldier who escaped the confines of her quaters along with 12 of her fellow soldiers in 2009. Finally free Max must keep a low M.O. to prevent her re-capture.

    Dark Angel was far from a perfect show, but that didn't stop it from having a lasting impact as a true cult classic. One thing that was to be counted on from Dark Angel each Friday night, was yet another demonstration of the human spirit, and the struggles we all have, to live happy, normal lives. Despite the fact that the main character herself was not entirely human.

    I would reccommend this show for anyone interested in seeing a true heroine not waiting for her male counterpart to save the day. Max kicks butt as well as any guy, and get's the job done without breaking a sweat. So, if you're into lots of action, sci-fi type story line angels, and the true good fight of good vs evil, this is your show.
  • Ok so all i have to say about this show is pretty much that it is under-appreciated. For a young Jessica Alba she portrays Max, her character, very well. The troubled life that she lives in the harsh times makes sense.

    Ok so all i have to say about this show is pretty much that it is under-appreciated. For a young Jessica Alba she portrays Max, her character, very well. The troubled life that she lives in the harsh times makes sense. This show portrays the possibility of genetically engineered humans, a possibility that is happening now. Granted this show is now over and no more seasons are to be made but even though it is a bit dated the possibility is still there.

    I believe the show is much more humorous when Jensen Ackles joins the show in season 2 as a permanent character. He has a way of portraying Alec in a way where you can see the darkness within but at the same time the good person that he is.
  • They designed her to be the perfect soldier... a human weapon...then she escaped. In a future not far from now...in a broken world... she is haunted by her past. She cannot run, she must fight...to discover her destiny.

    OK this TV show is great why do u think my username is dark_angel96 i mean i mostly like it because of Max and Alec and who they are supposed to be but i mean i dont know probably without Jessica Alba and Jensen Ackles I probably would of liked it just because of its plot i mean its about genetically-enhanced people roaming the earth making it feel like their human. If u asked me my opinion it would actually be cool to have genetically-enhanced people roaming the earth and helping the world it looks like it would be cool to be a genetically-enhanced person just with all of that ability take it from me this a really great TV show watch it and u will find out that im not lying.
  • Genetically-engineered pickpocket.

    The premise of this show is one of my favorites. Genetically engineered soldier-children escape from a secret government lab in a post-apocalyptic future. The first season was the best in my opinion. It stuck to the aforementioned program. Some of my favorite scenes were the flashbacks of Manticore itself. The children's lives and belief system I found very interesting. These are the things I wish had been explored in more depth. Season two gave the show a much needed focus on other Manticorians (Alec) , but in an unexpected way (Joshua). Some of the characters are trapped in a cliché, leaving them useless in that regard. Complain though I might, years later, this is still one of my favorite shows. Max, as far as main characters go, is kind and down to earth. If she swipes your wallet, you probably deserve it.
  • This show shouldn't have ended like it did...

    Haven't watch it in a while but loved it so... When it didn't come back for a third season I was sad in my own transgenic kind of way... I would really like it if they would tie up some loose ends with a movie... Sadly I don't think that will ever happen...

    IMO Max kinda like a Genetically Engineered post-apocalyptic Robin Hood... She stool from people that deserved it... She didn't like guns that's something her and MacGyver had common, she new how to take gave of herslf she didn't need one...

    I don't like getting into new show these days in a fear that if they're good they'll just get canceled...
  • I miss this show

    Oh this was such a great show funny and action packed always great and the stepping stone for to huge carrers, wow, i wish this would come back or do a reunion for it or something, deffinatly one of the best tv action sci fi series ever made, it should never of died the way it did, it should of been on for a lot longer it certainly deserved to be. If you reading that and haven't seen the great show please3 go out hire it on dvd it's so great an excellent excellent excellent sci fi series.

    Good Bye Dark Angel Good Bye
  • Dark Angel Comeback?

    I really loved and miss this show too. It was really ahead of its time and even now 10 years down the line I haven't seen a show that could match or even surpass Dark Angel and I was really upset that the series ended so suddenly, leaving us with more questions than answers. Some people have been asking for a comeback or remake, but would they really be able to pull it off? What really made this show so great wasn't just the storyline, it was the actors themselves. No actress could ever live up to Jessica Alba portrayal of Max, and no other actor could ever match Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale. Even if they remade Dark Angel, they'd only mess up the good memories we had of it. So it's probably best left untouched, in the past, like Manticore.
  • Can't get enough.

    Dark Angel is something that I never thought I would be into but when I did get around to watching it I fell in love! ( especially with Jensen Ackles ) Season 1
    This was great as it showed in great detail life at Manticore and the true nature of the transgenics. The story of Max and her siblings is Touching and dramatic at times. My favorite without a doubt is Zack becouse he is caring and loyal but agressive when the situation calls for it. Also he doesn't like Logan which I find eternally endearing. Which brings me to the main negative point of season 1 - Logan! He is not only manipulative and slimy but he is also way to self-pitying for my tastes, I mean it's like he spends all his free time pretending to understand the plights of the less forunate and them does nothing but complain when - god forbid - something bad happens to him. Okay it is kind of a really bad thing but he is not the only one on the planet ever to lose use of his legs, get over it! My favorite episode was 'Polo Loco' and not just becouse Jensen Ackles is in it. But this episode touched on the more sensetive and darker areas of the instincts and animalistic natures of the X5's and it also shows just how different Max and Logan are. Season 2
    S2 was so much better than season 1 IMO in so many ways. Firstly is beocuse Jensen Ackles becomes a recurring character Yay. Also was the character of Ames White, if I wasn't such a massive Max/Alec shipper I would totaly route for Max/White. But all in all he is just an awsome bad guy, better than Lydecker anyday! Then there is Joshua, a kind hearted innocent soul that really adds a gentle tone to the plot. Speaking of plots the Logan/Max/virus thing was good at first, adding drama and just the right level of anguish to the story ( not to mention keeping Max and Logan apart beocause like ewww ) but after like 5 episodes it got Sooooo old.
    As someone who hasn't yet read the books I have to say that I don't fully understand the runes-cult-sandeman-chosen one storyline but funnily enought that doesn't matter to me, it was still a great season. The best point of it all was the character of Alec, he was without a doubt the deep, refreshing breath of fresh air that DA needed. The chemistry between him and Max/Jessica Alba was incredible to watch but he also shone on his own in eps. such as 'Medium is the message' ' The Berrisford Agenda' and 'Exposure'. At this point I would like to say that I got into Dark Angel long before I ever even heard of Jensen Ackles so my enjoyment of show and dislike of the character Logan has nothing to do with him. Logan was even more annoying in this season than he was in the first. He does tone down on the manipulations and guilt trips but goes more in for the pathetic moping and whining ( about the virus this time not his legs. ) Not to mention his lame attempts to intergrate himself into a war that has nothing to do with him. And the hand holdong scene at the end of 'Freak Nation' made me want to puke, mainly becouse he thought that Max and Alec where together. Alec stated one episode earlier that he disliked being thought of as the kind jerk who would steal another guys girl, I guess Logan has no such conviction.
    My favorite episode is 'The Berisford Agenda'.
  • why are people on tv all ways soo sexy

    even in the pic on the top of this page, she is 1 of the sexyst women of 2008/9 and he is well how do i put it better then that avreg guy down the pub lol. why dont thay put sum ugly people on tv i no its good to look at sexy people but some times it gets boring the only tv show i can think of who has a non sexy parson in it is ugly betty and the olny reson she is ugly is because the show is bast arand that fact she is ugel in a fasrn mag. so i think maby just 1 show colud have a uhly parson it it and that wole make me happy.

    till next time x
  • Y????

    y drop dark angel awesome show may i add for fire fly which couldnt even make a propper full season. bad descion just hope he doesnt leave his new season doll house in the same position. dark angel was the best show to hit the sci fi fans screen in a long time, they should at least make a one off film to show what happens after freak nation. does the world accept these transgenics or turn against them and cause an all out war? id love to find out and i know theres books to read but i like films pictures, action something i can actually see. basically bring it back, and just admit that a mistake was made cancelling it. there should of been a third season but firefly put a stop to that and look at the failure it turned out to be.
  • y?

    y drop dark angel awesome show may i add for fire fly which couldnt even make a propper full season. bad descion just hope he doesnt leave his new season doll house in the same position. dark angel was the best show to hit the sci fi fans screen in a long time, they should at least make a one off film to show what happens after freak nation. does the world accept these transgenics or turn against them and cause an all out war? id love to find out and i know theres books to read but i like films pictures, action something i can actually see. basically bring it back, and just admit that a mistake was made cancelling it. there should of been a third season but firefly put a stop to that and look at the failure it turned out to be.
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