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  • Dark Angel: Should It Come Back?

    **WARNING: SEASON 2 SPOILERS** In my own personal opinion, the plot line of Dark Angel, a bunch of genetically enhanced kids escaping from a secret government agency, was a bit O-T-T, but it was still a very interesting show. Max, the heroine of the show, a Transgenic escapee from Manticore and played by Jessica Alba follows the typical 'I just want to be normal' superhuman stereotype, and at the end of season two it was plain that the writers were struggling. Still, the show itself was entertaining at times, and heartbreaking at others. However, the most disapointing thing about Dark Angel was that it was never really finished. They do not tie up all the lose ends in the show, like what about Max and Logan and the virus, or Ames White and his breeding cult were bringing about the doomsday, but it never happened. And what happens with the transgenics in Terminal City?? Personally, I think they should start again with new actors and actually finish the story this time. But, of course, no one can replace the wonderful job done by Jessica Alba(Max) and Jensen Ackles (Alec).