Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • Round Two...

    The reason why Buffy and shows like Angel worked so well was mainly down to a likeable group of characters who evolved within the supernatural parameters of the central character. Willow wasn't just a best friend, she was a witch. Giles wasn't just a watcher, he was a father. Ya dig? So far, one of my main gripes with this show has been how separated Max is from her so-called best pals, they were simply nabbing screen time to fill in the parts that weren't centred on Manticore. Thankfully, Original Cindy finds out what her sista actually does at night in this eppy. HURRAH! That doesn't happen till the last five or so minutes, so why the high score? Well, the script is air-tight. The action is the best of the season. The acting is great. The bad guys are given that extra bit of oomph since we know how tough they are what with Max's bloody encounter with them last time. The final fight lives up to expectations and Max's teary eyed speech is well played. Almost the season's first 10'er, but we're not quite there yet...