Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 19

She Ain't Heavy

Aired Unknown Apr 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • Max v. Max in a cat fight. The only thing missing are the bikinis...

    I liked the 452 v. 453 fight sequence, very cool how that was shot. And it makes sense at some point that we should see Max's double since we've already seen Alec & Ben and Joshua and his brother. I liked the exchange between 453 and Logan also, very funny how she blows him off and he thinks it is really Max doing it. At the beginning of the episode when 453 is introduced, I thought it was Max in a dream sequence, but then we learn a few minutes later it is actually Max's clone. Cool though how we are deceived at first then get the surprise about Max's clone. On the negative side, I am disappointed with how the Aames White selective breeding cult angle has played out. I thought they could have done something more original with this. All we really got is a cult that has supposedly existed for 10,000 years and they wear monk robes and use snakes. It almost seems like the writers started down this road and then didn't have a good or creative idea where to take it.
  • max's clone comes for her

    this was not very good expesally after the two great ones that came before it and the whole clone thing has been done before, cuz alec is a clone and max was shot by her little clone, and maxs clone was just such a bytch, she made me mad she didnt try to help any one at all and she held a grude and just all this stuff and the episode wasent very suspensful, but you did get to see more transgentics which was cool i guess, but i thought it was stupid that the transgentics were seperating themselfs into groups, what a dumb thing to do when every one but them is after you. so yea i didnt like this one all that much. oh yea the best part was the begining where max stoped her boss from shoting that one guy and now himand skechy think shes a transgentic, which kinda makes me mad cuz they know her and now they dont like her over something so stupid, i just makes me kinda dissapointed in them, i thought they were better tho i should have known her boss wasent. oh well...
  • Interesting episode...

    I really like this episode! Max has a clone that she apparently never new about (which I find a little strange.) The introduction of a clone for Max was an interesting turn of events.

    In his search for Max, White discovers her clone, X5-453. The clone has a husband and a son, whom White uses to blackmail 453 into helping him find Max. Given that she's a clone, she can insert herself into Max's life to find out more about her. Eventually the clone does capture Max, but Max is able to get free with the help of Logan and use the clone to lure White to them. They're able to arrange a trade in order to get back 453's husband and son.

    Several other important things happen in this episode: Joshua leaves his house to escape memories of Annie and moves into Terminal City with the rest of the mutants. Logan's cable hack (which was previously untraceable) is hacked by White, and Logan's location is compromised. He is able to escape with his Eyes Only files before they arrive to destroy his apartment. Max herself contemplates leaving Seattle, but decides to stay to help fight for the mutants. She finally realizes, with the help of her clone, that running isn't always the answer.
  • Max meets a twin.

    As already established with Alec and Ben, some of the X 5's have twins or clones. Also like Ben and Alec she doesn't know of her twins exhistance. With Max's twin, 435, we see the life Max could have had. Mr. White and his wachos try to use 435 to get Max but are surprised in their effort.