Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 17

Shortie's In Love

Aired Unknown Apr 17, 2001 on FOX

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  • Sista got blistas...

    I'm all for dedicating storylines to supporting characters, especially when it's the funniest of them all, Original Cindy, but there's something off about this one. Diamond isn't exactly a likeable person to begin with and her Cindy-isms are forced and hard to take. The idea of various other industries like Manticore, at least from a mad scientist standpoint, could have been great television if explored a little more, but what we get is an hour of missed opportunities. And, ehm, I know that Max and Cindy are living it rough, but who in their right mind would be that calm about a rat walking across the kitchen table and over your food...WHO?!
  • original cindy's EX comes back

    i thought this was a good episode. i liked the fact that we learned more about original cindy. i didnt really like dimond at all untill the very end when you found out the people gave her a deases. i was very glad the way she killed that guy what a horrible way to go. there wasent a lot of max and logan sceans but the last one was very good, tho i felt bad for logan after he showed max his poem and she split. i have also finally decided that something will happen between them in the last episode of this season.