Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 7

Some Assembly Required

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 2001 on FOX

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  • Zack is back, and since James Cameron is involved the only thing missing is "I'll be back" in a governor's accent.

    William Gregory Lee returns as Zack, Max's X-5 buddy who shot himself in the cabesa to end season one and to save Max's life. Sine this is Manticore and Sci-Fi and anything goes, Zack returns with spare body parts and some serious memory loss. He also seems to have some serious unrequitted, unresolved attraction issues to Jessica Alba (no amount of rebuild could ever eliminate those)

    All in all it's a very good episode, albeit a bit too hokey with the metal one minute, flesh the next. That is what bothered me more than anything else. If there were gonna go with terminator Zack, they shoudlve stuck to it. He was normal looking and fleshy by the 15 minute mark.

    It is the only DA episode that shares a title with a BTVS episode, and for what it is worth this one was better than that one was (although that was one of BTVS alltime worst)

    I can't seem to put my finger on what could've and should've made this one perfect, but it was a good enough send-off for a very good character. ***. 5 out of 4 stars
  • Terminator 2 meets Radio Shack...

    Okay this wasn't exactly a flashback episode, though you get a good dose of flashbacks since Zack is reintroduced in this episode after we thought him dead in season 1. Actually you do get a glimpse of him in an earlier season 2 episode but it wasn't clear at that time if he would survive or if he was simply being harvested for body parts. There were several cool things about this episode. I liked how Manticore had programmed Zack to seek out and kill Logan (Eyes Only). I thought that was a cool twist. However, Zack's blinking red eye reminded me a little too much of some cheap gadget you would have seen at Radio Shack in the 80's! None the less, one of the better season 2 episodes.
  • max gets some brotherly love

    this was a good episode, the metal head people were back in this one and the one with no arm got a new one, these guys are funny, but they all seem encredibly stupid, i really do wonder how they are doing all this stuff, i guess they have some brains after all. alec was funny in this one and zack comes back all cyborgish and stuff. he seems really cool at first but then you see that hes not all right in the head, alec of corse warns max that zack "likes" her but she doesnt beleive him, too bad. zack relizes max loves logan and goes balistic on logan and max had to let him go, after electricuting him, which was really sad cuz max cares alot aboout zack, but i think he will be better off where he is now, also nothing new with the no touching stuff between max and logan and no hot guy and blondy in this one, have they just dissapeared or will they be in the next episode.
  • This episode was alright however everybody was all out of character and there was no other focus or subplot save Zack\'s return.

    The episode was a bit of a let down especially in terms of Alec and Max\\\'s relationship. Although it is clear that Alec does not view Max ina sisterly way when he wants to see her naked laying groundwork for future episodes. However Alec simply taking Max\\\'s word and leaving her alone was out of character.

    It was also very strange that Max could not break the handcuffs for ages until Zack left suddenly where did she get that extra strength to suddenly break the handcuffs just to save Logan. Similarly, Zack\\\'s change from looking like a steelhead to suddenly being all normal seemed very contrived and way too easy especially his eye. I also did not find it at all believable that Zack could hold up Alec by his neck. Alec has 10 years of training on Zack and until the demise of Manticore was as dedicated as Zack to his training.

    This episode did shed a little light on Alec showing him not to be as carefree as he seems. The fact that he stopped selling drugs cos it kills his customers could be construed as losing business from lack of customers but also guilt.

    All in all the episode was fairly alright especially in its showcase of Zack\\\'s fondness for Max which was only ever hinted at last season.