Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 11

The Berrisford Agenda

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 2002 on FOX

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  • a look into Alec\'s past it shows the softer side of him and hey any episode dedicated to the fittest guy on da show deserves a good review lol 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a look into Alec\'s past it shows the softer side of him and hey any episode dedicated to the fittest guy on da show deserves a good review lol

    rite da storyline lol
    alec used to do under cover missions n in 1 of dem he was some one called Simon who was a piano teacher for the daughter of a man named robert Berrisford. he fell for the daughter and then he was tolf to kill them by putting a bomb under the car. he revealed all to the girl- rachel n she managed to save her father but not herself- she\'s in a coma. Alec has 2 deliver a package 2 the house n thats wen robert see him n lures him back later 2 kill him. max stops him. Alec just wants 2 b alone n get on with things.
  • alec meets painful memorys from the past

    great episode. to start with the dinner at joshua's was halarious, logan was just to funny when he was there. other than that part this episode was all about alec, and it was just so sad and sweet at the same time. poor alec didnt even know how much he liked her and then she died. he was really cute when he was sad though, but i have to say i was glad when we saw his little smirk at the end. hopefully he will find some one else like her, and i wish that her dad would see that he really did care for his daughter and that he wasent evil any more, but i can understand why he hates alec so much, he does have a really good reason. im glad we got to see more of alecs past.
  • On the DVD commentary, the writer and producer for this episode admit that this episode came about as a way to develop Alec's character beyond the shallow, self-absorbed guy we had been used to seeing in the previous episodes.

    I admit that this episode is well-written. It is probably one of the better written episodes in season 2. However, the way that the story plays out I found less interesting to watch. I liked it. It was good. I just wasn't overly impressed by the production of this episode. Interestingly, if you listen to the DVD commentary on the season 2 DVD (2006 release) there is commentary from both the writer and producer of this episode. In that commentary it is interesting to note that they don't seem to be on the same page on a few occasions. When commenting on one scene, one of them says "Max and Alec really connected here." And the other one of them interrupts and says "No! They don't connect at all." Granted the show had aired 5 years earlier from the release date of the DVD, but still it is perhaps a glance into why the show was later canceled at the end of the season (budget reasons not withstanding). Even in a strong episode such as this, the writer and producer still aren't on the same page.
  • A hilarous opening couple of scenes but works its way into a deeper and more complex finale. Finally a chance to learn more about Alec.

    This is one of my favourite episodes from the second season of Dark Angel. I absolutely adore the dialogue between all of the characters at the dinner party scene at Joshua's house. The conversation between Logan and Joshua made me laugh out loud, and I loved Kevin Durand's (Joshua) comic timing - absolute genius. It provided a welcome light-hearted introduction to this episode which is deceiving as to the main content, which is altogether darker and more serious.

    It is the first episode where the audience gets the chance to learn a little more about Alec's past, and it is extremely well executed. There are a lot of flashback sequences detailing his undercover mission into the Berrisford's home, and, although I'm not usually a fan of such sequences, it really added to the storyline in this case. We got to see an entirely different side to Alec, a softer and more caring side, which helped to deepen his character and make the audience empathic towards him. Overall, a well written and brilliantly executed episode which familiarised the audience to the characters. Excellent story, excellent acting.
  • This Episode showed Alec's past & who he was before Max. It shows his 1st real relationship with someone & how he fought to keep it. Resulting in him almost being exactitude & that he's not always a smart-Alec. He really did care for Rachel & their love.

    This was such a well done episode! You really got to see into Alecs past, and find out a little more about him. It was very sweet, especially when he kissed her in the pool. He looked like a lost little boy! [they did not sleep together] So cute! And I like how it showed him trying to save Rachel at the end. And it was really sad that he wanted to die because he though he killed her. That was sweet! I think Jensen did an extremely good job in this episode! I also loved how in slowly revealed what happened to Alec with Rachel; it really showed how she changed him for the better.

    This was a very good episode, and it is one of my Fav. It really showed the real Alec in this. Behind all his talking and smart alec ways.
  • A gem in the midst of a rather lackluster season...

    I'm nearly half way through watching the second season of Dark Angel on DVD. I don't really remember the details of very many episodes, but I can say that this is my favorite episode so far. I wish the rest of the season would have been more like this episode. From the revelation of Alec's history at Manticore, to the lighthearted banter among Max and her friends, this episode was intriguing to watch, and was much more like the first season. I loved the scene at Joshua's where Max, Logan, OC, Alec and Joshua have gathered to have dinner. Logan's awkward behavior with Joshua was entertaining, and their dinner conversation was hilarious! It was nice to see Max and Logan involved in some easy conversation that didn't involve their frustration with the virus. And Logan was actually having fun!

    Jensen Ackles excellently portrayed a young man tortured by the remembrance of his past sins. How tragic to realize his mission involved the death of someone he had come to love. It emphasized the recurring theme that despite their best efforts at programming, Manticore failed to eliminate basic human tendencies like love and free will. The scene near the end where Alec says goodbye to the comatose Rachel was heartbreaking!

    I'll say it again-- why couldn't the rest of the season been more like this episode!?!?!? Such is life...
  • Beneath Alec's happy-go-lucky exterior, he has a lot of pain and many tortured memories about a mission-gone-wrong from Manticore.

    Viewers before this episode figured that Alec was not the happy-go-lucky X5 he always presented himself as being. He had to have reprecussions from a tortured childhood and assassin training. As Joshua put it, Alec's exterior is full of "tricks and treats," a tortured soul beneath a handsome, cocky exterior.

    Jensen Ackles is wonderful with peeling back Alec's layers, leaving him raw and hurting, up to the point where you really feel that he'd rather die than live with this memory. The scene in Crash where Alec tells Max to go away is wonderful and understated. You really feel his pain.

    The one complaint I have about this episode is Max, but I always complain about Max. Her attitude and treatment of Alec is horrible (but it might be because I am possessive of Alec!). Interesting that everyone around her can see Alec's pain except her, who goes on and on about how horrible Manticore was.
  • This episode will have you in tears.

    The unbelievably sad episode shows a new side of the witty, lovable Alec. Before this Alec seemed to only be a self centered hottie. We are able to see the reason he had to harden his heart. What else could he do when he saw his first love fall into a fatal coma from a bomb that he had planted? Then he is beaten for his feelings. If you have any heart at all you will be bawling like a hungry baby by the end of this episode. This story of young love, a father’s love, and a young man’s abuse is wonderfully told. There are hints through out the episode that only come together at the very end.