Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 14

The Kidz are Aiight

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 2001 on FOX

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  • Very filler, which is odd considering the character and story in play here...

    As with Zack's introduction, Tinga's entrance is underplayed and her character barely gets any screen time (or dialogue, for that matter) until the episode's final moments, at which point she's waving adieu to her little sister. I found my interest swaying towards the Max/Logan situation, which is unusual, as I typically find the Manticore storylines much more appealing than anything the writer's cook up for the will-they-won't-oh-they-already-have-but-can't-again couple (phew!). Perhaps it's because of the ever lifeless Zack who sucked all and any of the potential threat out of the episode (although I did enjoy the faux teaser). The ending, though, was great. Despite my rants about Logan, this episode showed a more playful approach to the character and so it was a bittersweet ending having him harshly tell Max to keep the food and leave. If only the rest of the hour could have been written with the same attention to character. Overall, a disappointment; what should have been an episode showcasing a group of X5's kicking arse like there's no 2moro proves uninteresting for the most part and awfully tedious.