Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 14

The Kidz are Aiight

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Lisa Ann Cabasa (Tinga) tried out for the role of Max, but didn't get it. However, they liked her enough to give her the role of Tinga.

    • TRIVIA: Some of the other X5 bar codes that were revealed are: 330417291599 (Zack's), 45974235694 (Max's),
      332680074205 and 332231418471.

    • TRIVIA: Max reveals that her and Jondy must have shark DNA or something in them since they never slept much.

    • TRIVIA: Three more of the X5's names are revealed in this episode - Zane, Krit and Syl. Zack reveals that Tinga lives in Portland and works at a bakery, Jondy lives in San Francisco, near the Golden Gate and works nights in a bar. Zane live in L.A., works as a mechanic and has a German shepherd.

  • Quotes

    • (At Logan's apartment)
      Logan: ...Just because I was in a wheelchair doesn't mean that I couldn't have gone there if I wanted to.
      Bling: I understand.
      (Cut to Max's apartment)
      Original Cindy: Wait. It doesn't matter whether the obstacle between you and him getting busy was physical or psychological. It's gone now.
      Logan: And your point is...?
      Bling: That's a whole new ball game...Which is why you're a nervous wreck.
      (Logan chuckles)
      Logan: I'm not nervous. Ow!
      (Logan cuts himself with a knife)
      Max: Yeah, right.
      Original Cindy: This is just one more reason I'm glad I'm a lesbian. We don't put ourselves through all this drama. After the second date, we move in together.
      Max: I'm telling you we're just a couple of friends getting together for dinner.
      Logan: Anything more than that is a surefire way...To ruin a nice friendship.
      Bling: Whatever you say but I'm clearing out of here just the same.
      Original Cindy: If you're not coming home, could you just call so I don't worry?

    • Tinga: You take care of yourself, baby sister.
      Max: You, too.

    • Max: Guess I won't be invited to the next X5 reunion.

    • Max: Sorry, It's not your fault. It's just... (looking at Logan) ...there has to be a way to warn them.
      Logan: Maybe there is.

    • Max: Don't get me wrong. Nobody's gladder than me that you're on your feet but reality check - I could still kick your ass.

    • Sketchy (pushing a grocery cart full of Original Cindy's items): Doesn't seem fair.
      Original Cindy: It's not fair, but what was Original Cindy supposed to do? They turned off my electricity, my heat, even my water.
      Normal: Uh, you're late.
      Original Cindy: Back off. I'm going to put the smackdown on your ass.

    • Max: Eyes Only just made himself another enemy.
      Logan: Well, it was getting a little quiet around here.

    • Max: What are you talking about?
      Zack: I'm talking about your miracle boy over there.

    • Max: But you remembered my phone number, right?
      Zack: It's different with you... how could I ever forget anything about you?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When she moves in with Max, Original Cindy is shown putting up a poster of Xena, Warrior Princess. This would be an in-joke reference to Cindy's sexual preferences, as there was generally the suggestion on Xena that she and Gabrielle had a romantic relationship.