Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Nov 09, 2001 on FOX

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  • Jessica Alba , would be a cool Vamper ???

    Who would be perfect Vamper Actor wth jesica aLba. ??? Stuard TownSend. Who plays on Queen of Damned,,
  • On Dark Angel, eventually everyone gets a twin, first Ben/Alec, later on Max and this time it is everyone's favorite Dogboy Joshua..

    I get the strong impression that alot of the Dark Angel fans consider the introduction of Joshua as the show's "Jump the Shark" moment. (credit John Hein) So in this episode we double our pleasure/pain and are introduced to Joshua's evil twin, Isaac. Even watching the show several times over the years, I can't tell whether Joshua ruined the show or enhanced it. Thing is, I kinda like the "Big Fella" and his way of speaking etc.. But to the casual viewer (apparently DA didn't have enough of these) his presence can seem awfully hokey. The whole Beauty and the Beast vibe was apparent minus the physical attraction. But having a half man/half dog character was..well.. let's just say hard to pull off.

    This episode is actually fast paced and has a pretty good red herring, although even the first time viewing I was pretty sure Joshua wasn't the one on the killing spree. Season 2 was too heavy on mutants and genetic freaks, I think if they focused less on the FOTW and more on the interplay between Max and Logan things might have gone differently, but it's all for nauht now I guess. I am such a fan of this show and the missed opportunity and vast potential is really disappointing, knowing that we barely knew 'ye.

    This episode gets ***.5 out of 4 stars.
  • joshua gets blamed for taling tungs

    this one was good, it had alot of alec in it with made it extremly funny, him trying to take that ball, him coming to work at jam pony, or what ever max's works name is, and he got the job cuz he used to fight, those weird metal guys looked cool and so did their freaky little girl friend that went to see alec, his fight with them was funny, he was on the phone and still kicked their buts, too bad they know hes a transginic. i felt really bad for joshua in this one, he had to kill his own brother, but his bro was bad and i am glad it was him and not max, but all the same, i was sad when joshua was caught and they beat him up.