Dark Blue

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2009 on TNT
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The team may have a hard time meetting the deadline of sting operation after the background of a drug dealer is known. Jaimie's skills will be tested to make the arrest.

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  • Jaimie is so screwed

    I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. It's nice how in the three first episodes we've seen each member of Carter's team work a case and use their skills to solve it.

    Poor Jaimie. I still think she is way too 'green' for undercover work, she did fine but she paid a price.

    Dean was right confronting Carter about Jaimie, but still he went and helped her with the whole case. There's still a lot of tension between them, but he supported her all the way and even covered for her with Carter.

    I loved the whole operation. The mistakes made and the way they got out of them.moreless
  • amazing amazing amazing... this show is one my top 10 list now, Jamie is a really screwed up caricatore?! (posible spoiler)..

    amazing amazing amazing... this show is one my top 10 list now, Jamie is a really screwed up caricatore?! (posible spoiler)..

    the episode starts with a ususal undercover with Dean, who failed to pull it off, so the team will need another aproach angle, thats when Jamie found a crack to try one more time.

    during the operation Carter asks her to use her "real" name, which fits more as a background check comparing what they could make up on her. in the end, she is asked to try some drugs as part of the deal. she become hight and wreck her car and calls Dean for help. she succeded in getting an appointment for the buy, but it all went wrong and a some people had to die.

    i liked this episode, i think Jamie is really intersiting, for example where the hell is her familly? or why doesn't she have photoes for them? or any contacts?, we'll sure know in the upcoming epis..

    as far as Dean, i've always loved the actor, and he's hella have a "bad boy charm look"??!!

    waiting for more....moreless
Tyrees Allen

Tyrees Allen

Capt. Maynard

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Noah Bean

Noah Bean

Scott Muller

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Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti

Reuben Pike

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jaimie(to Dean): I like being a cop, I have to be a cop. It's all I have...

    • Jaimie: I told you what's going to happen.
      Reuben: Sorry if I just don't take your word for it.
      Jaimie: This will be the best thing for you. Five minutes and you get a second lease on life.
      Reuben: Stop you insulting my intelligence! You don't care about me, you used me. You took everything I care about and you turned it against me, who does that?
      Jaimie: I didn't tell you to become an addict! I didn't tell you to lie to your wife, you blew that all on your own.
      Reuben: I might be a degenerate liar but at least I'm ashamed of it.
      Jaimie (upset): Make that work.

    • Dean: And look, Carter? He's just rigid. He'd probably go crazy if he knew I came over here tonight.
      Jaimie: So we won't tell him.

    • Jaimie: What do you need me for?
      Carter: I need you because of who you are, not who you were and not who you pretend to be. You did good. Tomorrow you'd do better.

    • Carter: Where the hell have you been? Where's Jaimie?
      Dean: Did you know how screwed up she was when you brought her into the unit?
      Carter: What are you talking about?
      Dean: You asked her to use her real name. You knew that if Howard looked into it, he'd find the history of a criminal.
      Carter: Yes.
      Dean: But she never told us who she really was.
      Carter: I was trying to protect her.
      Dean: Oh, by putting Ty and me in danger? Thanks Carter, thank you. I mean, how are we supposed to trust anything she does?
      Carter: She has talent.
      Dean: You didn't bring her in because she has talent. You knew that somebody that bent and that desperate would do anything for you.
      Carter: When did you get so fragile?
      Dean: Talk about catching up that bad guy?
      Carter: Yeah. It is.

    • Dean: He's playing you, you know?
      Jaimie: What are you talking about?
      Dean: He knows you want his approval. I'm guessing you have some daddy issues.
      Jaimie: Boy, you read me like an open book, Dean.
      Dean: Why did he pick you for this?
      Jaimie: I'm a good liar.
      Dean: We are all good liars.
      Jaimie: Now you're OK? He kept buying your smile, bad boy charm... You couldn't do what I do. (pauses) Are you going to help me with this or not?

    • Dean: This guy seems pretty needy, huh?
      Jaimie: Do you know what needy people like? (pauses) Other needy people.

    • Carter (to Dean): Could be something there. Check it out.
      Jaimie: Hold on. I found this lead, it's mine.
      Dean: You've never won a point before.
      Jaimie: And you won't get him the same way you got Bryan.
      Dean: This is not the prom sweetheart, OK? You can't get a dance just by shaking your ass.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: February 20, 2010 on Kabel Eins
      Latin America: February 15, 2010 on SPACE
      Turkey: April 7, 2011 on CNBC-e
      Finland: April 21, 2011 on Sub
      Slovakia: December 4, 2012 on Dajto