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  • Definitely entertaining

    I haven't been this impressed with American cop series since Life. I sincerely hope that this one last longer than just two series.

    The story lines are eppic and getting better all the time :) Although I have only watched a couple of episodes so far I am so hooked.

    I don't think the story line is as painfully predicable as other shows I have watched in the past; Nor is it as actioned packed as 24... But then again, 24 would be difficult to beat in that respect!

    The characters' are interesting and dynamic and I like the cast so far.
  • Worth Watching

    Ever since the trailors when the NBA playoffs were on, I said I had to watch this show, not just to see the undercover detective take out all the bad guys but to see the dectectives because they are all nice to look at and they have great bodies for the police role. I'm excited and I'm glad to see they have enough drama and action on this show to keep any one entertained. I have seen many undercover cop shows and most are good so I'm just hoping this one is as good also and that the sexy dectectives can also act.
  • Exciting cop show

    This show is growing on me. I've watched the first two episodes and I think it's great. Good to see Dylan McDermott back on television. I missed him since The Practice. I'm also glad Nikki Aycox got a role since I've seen her in the X-files, both the series and the latest film. The other two actors I'm not familiar with but all together they make a good team.

    So far we've only seen Ty's 'profile', but I hope to see more of the other two soon. What's the deal with Jaimie's dark past and Dean, who I believe is the most troubled character of all. Heart in the right place, but still.

    Also, it'd be interesting to learn about Carter's past.

    The intro music is just great. Very much like Eleventh Hour's.
  • I'll be watching.

    I have really enjoyed this show so far (three eps). One thought though - bit like House, all over again, yeah? Screwed up hardass leader, sensible black guy, punky white guy, new pretty chick with issues... but whatever. I'm concerned about realism - I've noticed a bunch of things that don't seem very professional or cautionary, and you would think that a unit that's so undercover would, for example, leave the scene of a set-up before discussing how it went. What if someone had been watching, and seen the "dead cop" get up like, five seconds after the guy ran away? Otherwise, though, I'll be watching to see the characters flesh out. As usual with the beginning of a series they're a bit monodimensional but I think they have real potential.
  • I waited...

    and waited if this show could become something better. the first season was kind of bleh :p, with a not so good finale. I decided to take a look at the second season ( I got pretty excited Tricia Helfer got on board ), but nothing changed. A problem with this show is that it's too fast for being about policemen going undercover, that kind of cases can take months, if not years and they always seem able to close out a casa in a few days. Maybe It could have been better if a case developed over multiple episodes.

    The character and their dynamics are not particularly captivating.

    It was never a show I would recommend to anyone, and I got tired of it.
  • Dark Blue Is Paint By The Numbers

    Dark, brooding, psychologically damaged lead character with a preposterously attractive group of cop recruits in secret LA undercover police unit. Trite examinations of the stresses of undercover work on the personalities of the cops and their families. Obligatory inter-agency tensions with feds.

    Vicious criminals.

    Amazing ability of core cast to withstand fire from multiple automatic weapons by standing behind car doors.

    Oh, how will it end? Maybe with a little of that good old "you earned my respect today" cop bonding?

    So far, a totally formulaic show. But given how much on the tube is even worse, probably worth a run to see if breaks out of the utterly predictable.
  • Thumbs up!

    This show has a lot of potential! And the eye candy is ALWAYS a great plus!!! All the leading mean are so yummy! I really like the set up of the show. I'm a bit concerned though, how many dark undercover assignments can there be that will be continually interesting? I would love for this show to survive but I do have my doubts.

    The premiere definitely had me wanting for more though; and I'm looking forward to next week's episode! I really hope this show makes it! Its great to see Dylan McDermott back on my television screen. Oh how I missed his beautiful face and his great acting!!!