Dark Blue

Season 2 Episode 3

Shelter of the Beast

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2010 on TNT
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Carter goes undercover as a porn king that wants to expand his business into pharmaceuticals in order to bust the head of an important Mexican drug cartel . Meanwhile Dean gets involved in a complicated relationship with a drug dealer's daughter.

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  • Things go wrong this time

    This is not the first time Dean has mixed feelings about an operation. Last season in was hard for him to turn a father in and this time is the same. Except now, he did it and he blew the case. So is he as bad and non-charming as Alex think he is? No, but who knows what his fate will be if he cannot put a line between work and personal feelings.

    One thing I'm starting to dislike is Jaimie being put in the background, now 'babysitting' a convicted man. I know the addition of Tricia Helfer is great as she is gorgeous but Nicki Aycox was here first and the writers should come up with stories where both characters (strong and smart women) could shine and kick some butt. And complain and cry every now and then, after all, they're women.

    Not exactly my favorite storyline, but it was a good episode.moreless

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    • Carter: How'd the boss take the news?
      Alex: He's not putting me up for director anytime soon.
      Carter: Why'd you do it?
      Alex: Do what?
      Carter: Lie to him in the first place?
      Alex: Daddy issues.
      Carter: I'm serious.
      Alex: I hate losing more than I like winning, which means I'm motivated more by the fear of rejection than the purity of success, which sadly is more self-destructive than it is self-empowering. That's what my shrink says, anyway.

    • Jaimie: Well, I'd ask you how that went but I've been standing out here so damn long I think I know the answer.
      Manny: How much you pay her anyway?
      Jaimie: Not a penny.
      Manny: Really?
      (Jaimie nods)
      Manny: Well, at least I get to die in jail a happy man.

    • Carter: We're meeting with Garza again tonight. The only thing is, we need some porn stars to join us.
      Alex: You're talking about prostitutes.
      Carter: Such a condescending word.
      Alex: I'm not spending federal money on hookers.
      Carter: Even more condescending.

    • Jaimie: You're going back in, Manny.
      Manny: Look, I was just looking for a little quality time with someone of the female persuasion. Where's your humanity?
      Jaimie: On vacation with my patience. You're going back in.

    • (as Dean walks into the office very late at night)
      Alex: I want to impress my boss. What's your excuse?
      Carter: Ah, no social life.
      Alex: I know this life coach. He helps workaholic, dysfunctional men make new friends.
      Carter: I have plenty of friends. I just don't like hanging out with them.

    • Alex (About Dean): I presume he's more likeable when he's actually undercover.
      Carter: Not really.

    • Dean: Okay, okay, okay. Guys, the Maria thing... I thought the case was over. You know, I wrote her an e-mail yesterday about our relationship. I... it wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy.
      Carter: (sarcastically) You're kidding. I find that hard to believe.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: March 28th, 2011 on SPACE
      United Kingdom: May 11, 2011 on 5USA
      Turkey: April 24, 2012 on CNBC-e
      Finland: December 16, 2012 on Sub
      Slovakia: February 26, 2013 on Dajto