Dark Blue

Season 1 Episode 10

Shot in the Dark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2009 on TNT

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  • A great episode!

    This is no doubt one of the best episodes of the season. The chararcter developement is very good, it ties all of the little tips that were made throughout the season in a bow and ribbon. Former NCIS star Sasha Alexander gives a honest performance as the mean and eager-to-impress Agent Harris that constantly tries to get Carter to open up and tell what really happened in the shooting of a DA agent that was ingaged to his ex-wife. The episode contains very good acting from all the main characters, especially Dylan McDemott. I think he should get an Emmy consideration. Nick Gomez also does a good job directing the episode.
  • The show has potential. They need to drag out the storyline. Expanding on the storyline will keep the audience wanting more and keep them watching week after week. Presently, the show is too choppy, phony and stupid.

    This show has the potential of being good if they dragged out the stories a little bit. Each episode covers one undercover assignment from beginning to end. They make it seem like every assignment transpires over a couple of days. That is crappola, it does not mirror real life at all. Real undercover operations take months to years to accomplish the overall goal of the assignment. If they (the characters) were to cover each assignment over the course of several episodes, they (the writers) could build on the story line with each undercover operation more and they could build on the personal struggles and sacrifices that each cop undergoes while being undercover for long periods of time. This would make the show more interesting and will keep the audience hanging at the end of each episode, wondering what will happen next to the characters and the bad guys during the current undercover operation. This will keep the audience wanting more and hooking them into keep watching the show week after week. As it currently is written, the show is too choppy, phony and stupid.