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Dark Knight

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Exotic locations, spectacular scenery, startling special effects and the highest artistic and production standards. A new multi-million dollar sword and sorcery television drama series in the same current popular genre as Lord of the Rings. From one of the most experienced and innovative production teams ever assembled in New Zealand comes a unique and powerful new version of the timeless classic: Ivanhoe. But this is no mere adaptation of the tale, Dark Knight breaks new ground in television adventure drama. Utilising the latest computer graphic technology, brilliant design and art direction and an international cast and crew, this Anglo-NZ co-production creates an unforgettable viewing experience for all the family. Dark Knight is a radical new look at the Ivanhoe legend, an Ivanhoe for the 21st Century, battling not only tyranny and oppression but a Pandora's Box of strange, terrifying and magical creatures. An epic journey into the Dark Ages; a time of fear, magic and mystery, of action and exciting adventure where the only light in a dangerous land is the glint of fire on the sword blade of the "Chosen One" - the Dark Knight.

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  • I can see how some people say that there are problems with Dark Knight but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable.


    I can see how some people say that there are problems with Dark Knight but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable. It's nowhere near some of the other shows that I've watched lately but it's just because those were particularly good not that Dark Knight was particularly bad. Recommended if you have time to spare.
  • Exciting medieval adventure1

    I\'ve been a fan of Dark Knight from pretty much the first episode. It was a thrilling combination of dark ages magic & swordplay and I\'ve always loved stories about knights.

    Ben Pullen was terrific as the troubled knight returning to England to find the country in turmoil.

    Like every television series it had its share of really good episodes and some bad ones, but on the whole it was something to look forward to every Sunday on Channel 5.

    I\'ve noticed they regularly rerun shows such as Xena, Hercules, even The Adventures of Sinbad, but never once have they rerun Dark Knight which is really rotten because you can\'t buy it on DVD in the UK and even abroad you can only get on in a format which is basically just 2 or more episodes snipped to bits and then glued together to make a feature length programme which really ruined it.

    Even the official website has closed.

    Please rerun it or release it properly on DVD in the UK - it definitely deserves better than to disappear forever.

  • When Prince John kidnapps his brother in hopes of becoming king loyalist and knight , Sir Ivanhoe ,with the help of Rebecca , Odo , and a powerful druid named Fingal ,will do almost anything to raise the movie to free Richard and put the right man on themoreless

    Dark Knight was , in my personal opinion , by far the best show on tv. It was filled with everything I wanted in a tv show. Sword fights , magic , romance , and a little bit of comedy now and then. It made Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe easier for everyone to understand. The only episode I have one complaint over , and I sure you can guess why , is Shameer. Thats right , it ended any chance of Rebecca and Ivanhoe . Never reading the book Ivanhoe before I was furious. I went through petitions and nasty letter , the whole works , but after I read the book I didn't hate the producers as much as I did before. Rebecca was actully suppose to leave while Ivanhoe and Rowena lived a happy life. If Dark Knight had ended like that I would of been crushed , but I will never give up the arguement that if Dark Knight was to come on again I think it would become a hit. And if you don't want to take my advise and bring it back on then at least let us see the re-runs.moreless

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