Dark Knight

(ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Shameer
      Episode 13

      Ivanhoe and his comrades ride to see Cedric who informs them that the Lady Rowena will need an escort to a nunnery. As Ivanhoe is taking Rowena to the nunnery he sees a woman getting attacked by a group of people. With Rebecca's help he scares the people away and saves the woman. The woman , named Shammer , seeks shelter in the nunnery as well. She turns all the nuns into vampires. She then proceeds to attack the queen. Before Shammer came cast the Queen in some sort of portal, Ivanhoe , Rebecca , and Odo show up to save the day. But it doesn't end happily. Odo is thrown into the portal and lost forever, a stunned Rebecca is also tossed into the portal. Ivanhoe tries to save her, he manages to grab her hand once, but it was know use Rebecca was also gone from Ivanhoe forever. He vows to find her, but the series comes to an end here.

    • Stonegod
      Episode 12

      The show starts with Rebecca and Odo following Mordour in a creepy and desolate forest. Rebecca has no idea that Mordor is leading her into a trap. After Rebecca's hand gets caught in the stonegod Odo rushes to fetch Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe arrives and tells Rebecca he will find help. When he gets help he finds all that is left of Rebecca is stone. Ivanhoe threatens to blow everyone up claiming that he know has "nothing to lose." But he manages to stop Mordour from bringing his brother back from hell with out blowing anyone up. Rebecca is no longer stone and is fully awake. The three heroes leave the cave laughing.

    • Scorpion
      Episode 11

      Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Odo race to the castle of the duplicitous Countess Adel , who has kidnapped Lord Cedric and Rowena and is holding them prisoner.

    • Thunderknight
      Episode 10

      Ivanhoe and Rebecca race Mordred to find the three magic jewels that Merlin removed from Excalibur which were responsible for giving the sword its power.

    • Streng
      Episode 9

      A killer named Streng is set loose with one goal in mind, to kill Ivanhoe.Streng and Ivanhoe become locked in a battle, but when Ivanhoe's life is threatened Rebecca takes part in the fight getting stabbed with a dagger. Ivanhoe travels to find a fire dagger to save Rebecca's life. He finds the dagger and tries to save Rebecca. Ivanhoe thinks she is dead so he kisses her goodbye , but suddenly she wakes up. Streng ambushes Ivanhoe, and after a long fight the chosen one comes out victorious and having to answer a few questions about a certain kiss.

    • Shadowraiths
      Episode 8

      A pair of shadowraiths are sent to kill Ivanhoe, and Prince John orders Baron Du Bois to be murdered because he has evidence about a plot to kill King Richard.

    • Stormguard
      Episode 7

      Rebecca, Ivanhoe, Odo and a young girl become trapped in an enchanted fortress that brings to life its visitors' desires and fears.

    • Kha
      Episode 6

      Mordour resurrects an Egyptian mummy which kidnaps Rebecca, so it's Ivanhoe and Odo to the rescue!

    • Black Tree
      Episode 5

      An evil witch is freed when an enchanted tree is struck by lighting.

    • The Claw
      Episode 4
      A beautiful woman named Alyssa who can no longer stand her unrequited love for Ivanhoe acquires a powerful relic that will force the knight to fall for her.
    • Damned
      Episode 3
      A dark stranger warns Ivanhoe that a mythical beast that takes human form is about to be awakened, one that can feed only the blood of the pure - and Ivanhoe's blood is the purest to be found.
    • Puppet Master
      Episode 2
      Shrunk to pint-size and enslaved by a sinister puppet master, Ivanhoe and Rebecca must escape and return themselves to normal in time to save the queen from an assassin's dagger.
    • Boneman
      Episode 1
      The mysterious deaths of several young women at the castle seem to be linked to "Boneman," a mysterious figure who kidnaps the Lady Rowena.
  • Season 1