Dark Oracle

Saturday 7:30 PM on YTV Premiered Oct 01, 2004 In Season


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  • No matter how many times I watch this show, I still don't get it.

    I'v watched five episodes of this show and I still don't get what it's about. The actors are terrible at playing their parts and are not beleivable. The plots always seem pointless at the end of the show. I don't think this show will last very long and I hope it can be put out of its misery. I don't recommend Dark Oracle to anyone who has a life. It is truely a waste of time to watch. At the end, you'll be puzzled trying to wonder what is going on. Please take my advice and don't watch Dark Oracle.
  • This is a great show.

    Dark Oracle is great! I love Lance and Cally Stone and the comic book, Dark Oracle. The other characters (especially Vern and Doyle) are great too! I like season two more than one though because the KA is mentioned and the comic book characters come alive! Dark Oracle overall is just a great TV series. I am disappointed that chances of a third season are minimal and that it is not in America, so I have to watch it when I am in Bulgaria on Jetix! However in the end I am happy because at least the show Dark Oracle exists!
  • This show is cool! I like this not because I like creepy stuff but 'cause I like how the story goes.

    Dark Oracle is a TV series from YTV. It's about twins Cally & Lance Stone's life that turned so nerve-racking when they found the comic book named "Dark Oracle". There's this toad named Nemo that's resposible for bringing the comic to their life. Cally's 2D alter-ego is Violet while Lance's is Blaze in the comic. It tells them what will happen next. Many creepy & freaky things happen. Their friends Dizzy, Sage & Doyle know about this but the bad thing is that Vern, their enemy, discovered it. What I like most about these series is the mystery of the story that made it interesting especially the thing about Nemo that turned to a man who calls himself Omen. I want to know what will happen next to them.
  • Simply a great show!!

    Dark Oaecle is a misterious,exciting,full-of-action part animated tv show!!Ijust love it!It is always full of surprises,that always amazes me.I watch it all the time,I can't miss it.It is a really amazing show.The story is original,and the characters are great.And of course the actors are also fantastic.They managed to act out these wierd,but yet good and sometimes loveable characters.For me the male actors of the show are the best.Maybe just bacause I am a girl,but they are just amazing.All the characters are simply unique.
    The whole show is in one word fantastic!
    If I could I would thank the creators for making such a good show.
  • I love this serial. It's the best ever! I watched the first episode 2 or 3 days ago, and it was really cool.

    In Hungary this serial was launched a week ago, but it's my personal favourite now. It has a really good story. It's not the everyday Good vs. Bad story. I love it's music too. It has all the things I like in a serial. It has a lot of action, and fantasy elements. You don't know what will happen. I have seen 9 episodes. In Hungary the main TV programs say that this is a cartoon, but it's a very big mistake. I'm sad because they show it on a cartoon channel. I showed it to some of my friends who do not watch cartoon channels, and they loved it.
  • He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby.

    He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby. Beth wants to tell him about her secret but she decide not to even if she knows it would have helped him in this situation. he is stressed about it all because she dont like her secret. Seb tries to support her as usual and he is telling her she is not the one doing something wrong but her is. It is not he fault that she keeps on with her lies.
  • Brother and sister who see the future threw this comic book.

    I personally LOVE this show. I never know what time it's on though! I recoment this show to those of you who like that dark/mystical magicy type show!! It's interesting .. PLUS David Rendall (who plays the hottie goth Fern) is WAYYYYYYYYYY HOT!!!! (If your David Rendall, E-MAIL ME..please :D)
  • Two words: Paula Brancati.

    THe only reason to watch this show is for Paula Brancati (the actor that plays Cally). I don't like the show, and I'd give it a 1 out of 10, but Paula makes it all worth watching.1 out of 10, however, since Paulas I'll boost it up to 7. Giving this show a 7 out of 10.
  • This show is about 2 siblings(Cally and lance) Who discover that they're whole future has been put in a comic book.(Dark Orcale) Unfortunately, the results of their future isn't exactly the best so they have to solve their problems using the comic book to

    This show is really interesting although sometimes I don't get it. its really fun to watch Cally and Lance get into threatining stituations and see them solve them using Dark orcale. Cally is kind of weird because her attitude is so.. daring and Lance never seems to believe Cally, unfortunately.
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