Dark Oracle

Season 2 Episode 12

Trail Blaze

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM May 25, 2006 on YTV

Episode Recap

Cally goes downstairs and is disgusted to find the living room a mess, with food and candy bar wrappers everywhere. Then she and Lance are about to go to school when Lance finds the mail, which includes the comic. On the cover, it shows Lance in a metal casket, and Lance says, "Sucks to be you Lance." Cally instantly realizes that Blaze has pulled a switch and taken over from Lance. Blaze simply laughs at her and leaves the house.

At school, Sage and Dizzy meet up with who they think is Lance. Sage says hi but Blaze isn't interested in her, but rather in a hot blonde student at the school. He goes to talk to her, leaving Diz and Sage alone in confusion. Cally tells them not to bother, that Blaze escaped from the comic and has switched places with Lance.

Cally goes to Doyle for help, but he says that although he would love to help, the only person who can really help is Omen. But Doyle doesn't know where Omen has disappeared to. Cally doesn't want to trust Omen, because of what he put her through, but Dizzy and Sage say that they need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile, Blaze seems to be having a lot of fun. He yells at the teacher in class and says school sucks. Blaze heads to the men's bathroom and sees a cracked mirror, so he touches it and says, "Violet you there?" Violet appears in the mirror, and asks when she'll be freed from the comic too. Blaze says soon. Then Blaze runs into the next classroom and grabs the hot blonde girl, and the two of them rush down the hall yelling school sucks.

After school Blaze has been kissed many times by this girl, and sees Cally and Omen together. He thanks Omen for pulling the switch in front of Cally. Cally yells at Omen and runs home.

Back at home Cally begs Blaze to leave. Blaze says,"How would our mother take it when she finds her son gone?" Cally gets mad and runs up to her room to cry.

Meanwhile Omen turns to Doyle for help. Doyle decides to get Sage and Dizzy and Cally to bring Blaze to the comic store.

Back at the house, Blaze is lifting weights, and says to the mirror beside him, "I'm feeling stronger now, can you feel it Violet?" Cally comes down wearing a violet shirt and violet lipstick. Blaze asks her if she's Violet and Cally says of course. Blaze wonders how she got out and Cally says, "There's time for that afterwards, but right now we have to get the others out of the comic."

Blaze and "Violet" head down to the comic store, finding Dizzy and Sage tied up. Then Doyle and Omen start chanting a spell that traps Blaze in place. Cally unties Dizzy and Sage, and Blaze is mad at how Cally tricked him. Doyle comes out from the shdows and holds hands with Sage and Dizzy to start the spell. Omen comes out too and holds hands with Doyle, but Cally is mad. She yells at Omen, saying "Why are you here? You started all of this. I'm not trusting you again!" Doyle tells Cally to join hands or they can't contain Blaze any longer. Cally doesn't take Omen's hand, and Blaze is freed from the spell and runs off. Cally watches as a picture of Lance fades away.

Meanwhile, in the comic, Lance is being pushed into the casket by Violet and it's closed shut. The episode ends with Lance yelling "Help!"