Dark Season

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Thursday 4:35 PM Nov 14, 1991 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Episode One
For the machinations of the mysterious Mr Eldritch are at work. A shades-wearing, bleached-blonde millionaire, he arrives at the school claiming to be its benefactor; donating computers to every student. Investigating Eldritch is the ever-inquisitive, wise beyond her years third former Marcie, who with her fifth form friends, Reet and Thom, uncovers a plot to that doesn't just threaten the pupils of the school, but the whole human race!, With Eldritch exposed, it is hoped that things will return to normal, but Marcie, Tom and Reet arrive back at the school to find a team of blonde archaeologists digging up the playing field. But since when, as Marcie points out, have archaeologists used mechanical diggers?, It soon becomes apparent that Miss Pendragon doesn't want to uncover the past, she wants to reawaken it by summoning up the fearsome Behemoth...moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • The numberplate on Eldritch's car reads 'NEME5I5'.

      • For budgetary reasons, the majority of the programme was shot on location within a ten mile radius of London. The Behemoth control room - which was specially constructed at Ealing Film studios - is a notable exception.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Dr Osley: It's ready…
        Eldritch: And the testing ground?
        [Osley looks at the computer screen]
        Dr Osley: What's this?
        Eldritch: A school!
        Dr Osley: Sir, that's madness. A school? The teachers, the parents – it's too open, too public!
        Eldritch: It's perfect!
        Dr Osley: They'll find out what we're doing!
        Eldritch: Only when it's too late. It's already too late. Nothing in the world can stop me now.

      • Reet: What do you mean "something in the air"?
        Marcie: Something wrong, I don't know what, something just out of sight.
        Thomas: It's Mondays. Mondays are always wrong. Mondays are a crime.
        Reet: The only good Monday is a Monday in bed!
        Marcie: Well you two are no help! All you can do is quote Garfield T-shirts. Think for a moment.
        Thomas: But everything's normal.
        Marcie: Normal? Normal is for the comatose. If I'm to teach you two anything it's this: wherever you are, whoever you are, there is always a strangeness in things. You just have to know where to look!

      • Olivia: Good morning.
        Reet: Livy.
        Olivia: Marcie, I just thought I'd remind you, Miss Maitland's expecting our homework after lunch.
        Marcie: And?
        Olivia: Well I know how forgetful you are about things like homework, so that gives you all morning to worry.
        Reet: [looking at yoyo] Gravity readings are normal so, it must be an Earth-child, though it bears little resemblance to the rest of the species.
        Olivia: [mockingly] Fifth-years are so impressive.

      • Headmaster: In an act of remarkable generosity, our benefactor Mr. Eldritch, founder of Abyss Modem, has offered to install the first of his new range, the Abyss mark I, in every classroom, free of charge. [Pauses, looks at Eldritch] And he has offered to give the Abyss home computer to every child in the school.
        [Huge cheering]
        Headmaster: The computers will arrive at lunchtime, and you will be free to take one home at the end of the day.
        Thomas: Yowza! Wunderbar! [looks at Marcie] …Not wunderbar?
        Marcie: And so it begins.
        [Eldritch and Marcie meet each other's gaze across the hall]

      • Dr Osley: It's too soon. The programme isn't clean. I've said from the start, only the professor can formulate the perfect programme!
        Eldritch: Then let us find the imperfections in your work, doctor.

      • Miss Maitland: You're afraid of your own shadow, Marcie. So Mr. Eldritch is a fool with his money, why should we complain?
        Marcie: Then he doesn't give you the creeps? Something is afoot.
        Miss Maitland: Oh Marcie Hatter, you're a case study in paranoia.
        Marcie: And quite right too! Paranoia's an intelligent form of common sense. None of us knows what's going on around us any of the time. I mean look at this: [goes and flicks light switch] how many people know how a simple light switch works? We're all in the dark, and it's getting darker.

      • Miss Maitland: Marcie, I said enough questions! Oh, unless I can ask you one.
        Marcie: Just the one.
        Miss Maitland: Why the canoe paddle? [referring to a canoe paddle Marcie carries in her bag at all times]
        Marcie: Well you never know when you're gonna be up the creek.

      • [Thomas plugs in computer, and stares at the screen]
        Reet: It's a wild, impulsive, stab in the dark, Thomas, but I think you have to switch it on.

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