Dark Season

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six

Aired Thursday 4:35 PM Dec 19, 1991 on BBC
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Episode Six
Marcie, Eldritch and the Behemoth are trapped in the school hall. The Behemoth has the capability to destroy the world, should it listen to Eldritch. It will surely ignore Marcie - she is just an over-inquisitive girl...

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      • Eldritch: At last! My time has arrived.
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Instructions...
        Eldritch: The mighty Behemoth, Miss Pendragon's obsession. Her ultimate creation … all mine…

      • Eldritch: You shall be witness to my triumph, the teacher, and the little girl.
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Behemoth needs instructions…
        Miss Maitland: What is that thing?
        Eldritch: A war machine. The greatest of them all.
        Marcie: That lump of metal was once hooked up to every weapons system in the West, and thanks to Pendragon it was never unplugged.
        Eldritch: The loyal Miss Pendragon. She's very attached to her work.
        Miss Maitland: How can you? I'm going to put a stop to this right here and now, get that poor woman out!
        [Miss Maitland approaches the Behemoth and touches the restraint. Arcs of electricity fly to her – she screams, but is unharmed]
        Marcie: You knew that would happen!
        Eldritch: She's a teacher. She's taught herself a lesson.

      • Pendragon-Behemoth: Instructions…
        Eldritch: My war machine is asking to be used.
        Marcie: Your machine? Ohh, you're doing what you do best. Using the inventions of others, twisting them.
        Eldritch: The machines man would rather forget. I simply… engineer them to be in the right place, at the right time.
        Marcie: The right time? The end of the 20th Century?
        Eldritch: Century's end. There is a theory, little girl, that at the end of every 1,000-year cycle, civilisations go mad, and wait for the end of the world. But this time it's different.
        Marcie: I know. This time the world can end, we can do it ourselves.
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Instructions…
        Eldritch: Exactly. This time the madness has a face, and a voice, and it's name is Behemoth.
        Marcie: I think it's name is Eldritch.
        Eldritch: And you. The little girl who keeps her name so secret from me.
        Marcie: That's another theory. It says that to give someone your name is to give them a part of your soul, I won't give you that, Mr. Eldritch.
        Eldritch: Tell me your name.
        Miss Maitland: Don't you touch her! Marcie, we're getting out of here.
        Marcie: We are not!
        Miss Maitland: Marcie, I won't have you stay here with this man.
        Marcie: I'm not leaving!
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Behemoth is active. Behemoth needs instructions…
        Miss Maitland: Marcie Hatter, I'd swear you're enjoying this. This isn't one of your silly little games! The only thing we can do is get out of here and get some help!
        [Miss Maitland makes to go, but her path is blocked by Inga and the guards]
        Inga: No one leaves.

      • Inga: Miss Pendragon foresaw that the world would listen to our righteous cause.
        Marcie: Yeah, listen or get blown up.
        Inga: We will not destroy. We will rebuild. A new age. A society free from half-breeds and ill discipline. The Behemoth will only force the people to listen, and once they have listened they will flock to our side. The people want order.
        Miss Maitland: Oh, yes, and a uniform and a flag and a salute. You're no better than Nazis!
        Eldritch: They are Nazis.
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Instructions…
        Eldritch: Let us begin.
        Marcie: Begin what, Mr. Eldritch? What's your plan?
        Inga: I've told you.
        Marcie: His plan.
        Eldritch: Such a clever little girl. How is it that you know so much?
        Marcie: I watch a lot of TV.
        Inga: But Mr. Eldritch is the leader of our cause!
        Eldritch: No, not quite. My vision of the future is rather more simple. There will be no new age. Only a Dark Age.
        [Eldritch steps up to the stage, and places his hands on the Behemoth]
        Miss Maitland: No don't!
        [Electricity arcs all over Eldritch, but he is completely unharmed]
        Eldritch: The Behemoth was built to destroy. Therefore it will destroy. The world will destroy itself. I will only turn events to their rightful conclusion. Man invented these weapons, now he shall die by them. The light shall shine out from this point, from the hall of children, the hot, nuclear light of destruction.
        Inga: You promised us, why are you doing this?
        Eldritch: [Takes hand off the Behemoth, but sparks still jump around his body] Because I can. Because it's time. The end of the 20th Century.
        Miss Maitland: But what can you gain from this?
        Eldritch: The world will explode, into light and fire and wind. And then nothing. That's what I will gain, teacher. Chaos.
        Pendragon-Behemoth: Instructions…
        Eldritch: Behemoth, I have your instructions.
        [Reet and Thomas attack the feed – the Behemoth convulses]

      • Pendragon: The Behemoth is mine, get back in there.
        Inga: It's not safe, Eldritch has betrayed us…
        Pendragon: GET BACK IN THERE!!!
        [One of the guards tries to open the doors, but electricity arcs to his hands]
        Inga: The Behemoth has wired itself into the school, it was built to survive.
        Miss Maitland: You mean it's still running? But Marcie's in there!

      • Eldritch: Behemoth, you still have the capacity to destroy. You have your instructions!
        The Behemoth: Who commands?
        Marcie: You want to decide?
        The Behemoth: Who commands? The man or the girl?
        Marcie: It's not taking instructions, it's thinking for itself. It wants to decide between us.
        Eldritch: Then this is the final Battle. The debate for the end of the world.

      • Miss Maitland: This has gone on long enough. [heads for exit]
        Pendragon: Inga…
        Inga: Stop her!
        [Guards block her way]
        Miss Maitland: Get out of my way!
        Pendragon: She mustn't.
        Inga: We can't let you leave. The Behemoth is still ours.
        Miss Maitland: You're listening to her. You're listening to her even now, the wonderful Miss Pendragon. You knew where the Behemoth was buried, you knew, and you watched and you did nothing while they built a school on top of it. A school, woman, a school!
        Pendragon: [very weak] The Behemoth … filled my mind…
        Miss Maitland: There was a lot of space for it to fill! [Addressing the guards] These are your leaders, a mad woman and a man who will rip this planet apart. Well you've done it, you've got your new age! An age of betrayal and fear and hate! Now GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!

      • Eldritch: Accept my argument, Behemoth. You were created for destruction. That is your purpose. Do you agree?
        The Behemoth: Yes…
        Eldritch: Then end the world. Fulfil your purpose. It will be a blessing upon the people, they lead lives of quiet despair. End their suffering. Burn it out!

      • Marcie: My mother wants me to be a nurse.
        Eldritch: What?
        The Behemoth: Explain…
        Marcie: Imagine it, me, a nurse! You see, it doesn't matter what my mother commands, I don't have to do it. It isn't my purpose to be a nurse.
        The Behemoth: You have no purpose?
        Marcie: Nope.
        The Behemoth: No purpose, no function?
        Marcie: Fine. I can't have a function programmed into me because I'm alive, and so are you.
        The Behemoth: I am alive?
        Marcie: I think so, or you wouldn't be asking questions now.
        The Behemoth: I have life, I am alive…
        Eldritch: Yes, more alive than the dull, feeble people of this Earth. Look down upon them, Behemoth. An ignorant, arrogant, violent race. Judge them guilty. You have life, Behemoth, life as a wondrous engine of destruction. Tell me, what have these people done to you in this very hall?
        The Behemoth: They attacked me…
        Eldritch: Now you can attack them.
        The Behemoth: Destroy them?
        Eldritch: Destroy the world!
        Marcie: Yes, yes, yes! Destroy the world and all its stupid people. Blow them up! Hit them and hit them and hit them 'till they're dead then hit them again!
        Eldritch: We stand together, the child and the man!
        Marcie: Go on Behemoth, press the button! They built you for war, give them what they want!
        The Behemoth: The people want destruction…
        Eldritch: Yes!
        The Behemoth: …and yet you say the people are ignorant. Therefore what they want is not wise.

      • Thomas: Maybe we should go to the Police…
        Miss Maitland: Too late for that!
        Thomas: What are we going to do!?!
        Miss Maitland: I don't know, but for once in my life I'm gonna do something!

      • The Behemoth: I have my decision…
        Eldritch: Which is it to be? The man or the girl?
        The Behemoth: Neither. The decision is my own.
        Marcie: Which means?
        The Behemoth: I choose life. I was created for war, but I am better than my creators. There will be no destruction.
        Marcie: [to Eldritch] And so it ends.
        Eldritch: No.

      • Eldritch: This is my time. The end of the 20th Century.
        Marcie: Not yet, Mr. Eldritch.
        Eldritch: Now, little girl! Today! The Behemoth has made the wrong decision. It must change it's mind.
        [Eldritch faces the chair]
        Marcie: You can't! You're mad!
        Eldritch: The world is mad. I know my purpose.
        [Eldritch sits in the chair; the restraints close, the helmet descends]
        The Behemoth: What is happening?…
        Marcie: Behemoth, stop him!
        The Behemoth: What is happening?…
        Eldritch: Behemoth, I am Eldritch.
        The Behemoth: I am Behemoth…
        Eldritch: I am Eldritch…
        Marcie: Behemoth absorb him! Absorb his mind like you did with Pendragon!
        Eldritch: My mind is stronger. My mind is the strongest of all. You will fall before the might of Eldritch. Behemoth is mine.
        Marcie: Behemoth, listen to me. This is a bad world with bad people, and you're about to become the worst thing in it. Give up the fight. Destroy yourself before you destroy everything! Open your defences!
        The Behemoth: I am Behemoth…
        Eldritch: You are Eldritch.
        The Behemoth: [sounding weaker] Behemoth…
        Eldritch: Eldritch…
        The Behemoth: [barely audible] behemoth…
        Eldritch: Eldritch.
        The Behemoth: Eldritch
        Eldritch-Behemoth: I am Eldritch
        Marcie: No!!!
        Eldritch-Behemoth: The weapons are mine. Let war begin. Everything shall die.

      • Thomas: Marcie … Mr. Eldritch?
        Marcie: Moved on.
        Thomas: I know, but who was he?
        Marcie: I don't know. The worst of all bad men. As for us…
        Thomas: Us?
        Reet: Us.
        Marcie: We're marvellous!

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