Dark Shadows

Season 2 Episode 232


Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 22, 1967 on ABC



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    • Joshua: You think I built those shipyards giving into my feelings?
      Barnabas: Well, you must have once or twice, when you were in love.
      Joshua: Love!? Your generation is so obsessed with that word. Men were better off when marriages were arranged for them. And love was only a word in lady's novels.

    • Natalie: Now, here is your card. The Magician. Because you have won the love of our Josette.
      Barnabas: Thank you. But what does that sign at the top mean?
      Natalie: Oh, that is the sign of infinity.
      Barnabas: You mean I'm going to live forever?
      Natalie: Would you like that?
      Barnabas: Of course.

    • Victoria: Your fiancee will arrive here safely.
      Barnabas: You say that with such assurance I believe you. Are you psychic?
      Victoria: No.
      Barnabas: Well, I've always wanted to meet someone who is. Are you sure you can't tell the future?
      Victoria: No, of course not.
      Barnabas: Miss Winters, I don't believe you.
      Victoria: I wouldn't tell the future even if I could. Not to you. Not to anyone. Never.

    • Elizabeth: Time has been suspended at Collinwood, while one woman makes an uncertain and frightening journey into the past, back to 1795. And that woman from the present lives in the past she has always loved, and discovers that our tragedies often start before we are born.

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