Dark Shadows

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 07, 1967 on ABC
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Everyone is talking about Joshua's mysterious disappearance. Natalie & Victoria re-enact what happened between Joshua & Jeremiah. As they re-enact it, the cat appears, like it had when Jeremiah discovered Joshua was missing! Barnabas enters the drawing room where they are, and is weary of searching..he hadn't found a trace of his father. Natalie asks Victoria to leave the room, but Barnabas asks her to check on his mother Naomi in a kinder fashion. Natalie tells Barnabas that she believes witchcraft is involved with the disappearance of Joshua. Nathan enters the room and tells them footprints have been found on Widow's Hill. Barnabas tells him where some of Joshua's shoes can be found so they can see if the footprints match the shoes. Nathan leaves them eavesdrops as Natalie tells Jeremiah that a witch didn't want him to leave, and then hears her ask if Barnabas trusts Victoria. Nathan then leaves to the study to get the boots, and while he is looking Victoria enters. Nathan makes a pass on Victoria, who tells him that he lacks taste. She reminds me that she needs to go to Sarah to tell her about her father. Nathan tells Victoria that she is going to need all the friends she can get--Natalie thinks she is a witch! Victoria refuses to believe him. Later, in the study, Countess Natalie is drinking. Victoria enters. Victoria asks Natalie if the future can be changed, and Natalie replies that it's possible. Natalie starts asking Victoria questions, and Victoria tells her she is 22 years old and was born on March 4th 1774. Natalie offers to do her horoscope, but Victoria does not know the hour of her birth so Natalie can not do it. Victoria denies accusations that she is clairvoyant. Natalie leaves the room. Victoria wants to tell her that Josette & Jeremiah are going to get married, so she changes the Tarot cards around to give Natalie this clue. Nathan and Barnabas return from their search unsuccessful. Natalie offers them drinks, and Vicki tells Barnabas that Joshua will be alright, which increases Natalie's suspicions. Natalie and Barnabas sit down, and she notices that the cards have been changed. Horrified, she says that Josette & Barnabas must be married immediately.moreless

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      • Natalie: So, how is poor Mrs. Collins?
        Victoria: I'm sorry, but she still won't see anyone. She hopes you'll understand.
        Natalie: If I were married to Mr. Joshua Collins and he disappeared, I should probably invite everyone in for champagne. Oh, I've shocked you. You Americans insist on seeing love where none could possibly exist.
        Victoria: Well, it's not my place to question the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Collins.
        Natalie: Ah, the difference between us. I question everything. Including Mr. Collins' disappearance.

      • Victoria: Time has been suspended at Collinwood while one woman makes an uncertain and frightening journey to the past. Back to the year 1795, where in this house, a new mystery has started with a cruel and eerie disappearance.

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