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Favorite Storyline? Least Favorite?

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    i don't hatethe Leviathans storyline, it's not my favorite one but i don't hate it. the one i think is the weakest is the final one cause when they were told the show was cancelled the story starts out strong than i think this is what happened. it was rushed to meet that April 2nd air date. and you can tell that. and it also didn't help that David Selby had his appendix bust at the time as well. so he was unable to go back to the show. he's my favorite character.

    i forget the name of the storyline but my favorite is prolly the one where the pirates i think? the dead pirates come back to life and take over collinwood and Barnabas & Julia are forced to go back in time to fix that. and now that i am thinking about it, it's caused by Gerald Stiles being taken over by that the head. i forget the villiians name.

    i also love the (1897) storyline but it did go on far to long. the thing about DS is that i think kinda didnt' help the show was the fact that they went back time far to many times. and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. i love going back in time and learning about Barnabas as a human and how he was turned into a vampire. i am thrilled the writers/show runners of the show decided to put that in. they also really didn't need the Parrell Time stories either. one ok. but they used to many of them. i get the last one was Jonathon Frid wanting to play another part. and he was good as well. i don't really know if that is what killed the show, some would say yes, but if you think about it, i'm sure fans knew that wasn't going to last forever. and what really didn't help at all was the films. with the 1st one being bloody parents well some stopped their kids from watching it i'm sure. cause they assumed the show was like that as well. anyways,

    I also think they should have let Alexandra Moltke play another character as well. they had asked her to come back to the show and that was what she asked cause as much as we all love Vicki she's like Alexandra said was dumb as a post. and there really wasn't much range to go with that character as an actress.

    sorry for going off topic a bit though

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    Favorite- Laura Collins any and every appearance (both pre-Barnabas and 1897 storylines) and the entire 1897 flashback.

    Least Favorite- Dream Curse and Adam & Eve ... the never-ending storylines

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