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    I watched "House of Dark Shadows" on TCM. Usually TCM runs its movies uncut, even R-rated ones. Was "House" edited? There were so many scenes that seemed cut away! I never saw this in the theater so I don't have anything to compare it to.

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    yes i believe that is the film. that's EXACTLY what i think of the film as well. it was badly edited & badly cut. the studio i believe forced "Dan Curtis" to cut a Lot out. i forget the original running time. but he cut too much out. & it i think affected the film. he did the cut himself actually.

    if i'm not mistaken. they also forced him to cut the 2nd film as well. i think he cut waaaaaaaay to much out of that one. which is why that one makes even less sense! i think he cut something like 43 minutes out of that one. he EVEN said he cut to much out of it later on.

    i dunno if you've followed that one dude i forget his name "Darren Gross" i think? he's found i think nearly all the footage. & worked on it for years. & when it does get released until i know other wise. the print is read to be used. & has been for a long time time. when it goes to blu-ray as i recently learned it will. i am hoping that is the cut they used. i don't think they were able to find any of the deleted scenes for the 1st film unfortunally. for more info read up a little bit on the IMDB which tells it better than i have

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