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  • Coolest soap opera ever, with vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, curses, time travel, and other supernatural freakiness.

    I first saw this show after the Revival series came on. I rented a couple of the older volumes on VHS which took place before Barnabas was introduced, and didn't think much of it. Then saw it on the sc-fi channel in the mid 1990s and was hooked once the Laura Collins story arc was introduced. This serial started out in black and white, and then became in color about 2 years after it premiered. It started out slow and boring like other soaps, but slowly started getting freaky when Laura Collins the Phoenix arrived. After that, the supernatural became the focal point of the show, and it had some really wild moments. The costumes and set pieces were really fun to watch, and some of the visual effects and makeup must have been really mind-blowing for the late 1960s and early 1970s. The lighting on the show was spectacular and really helped to increase the eerie creepy atmosphere of many scenes. This show is probably a guilty pleasure to anyone who's seen it.
  • Dark Shadows ran daily from 1966 - 1971, but made a practice of traveling through time beyond those years. One of the greatest story-lines was the love triangle between Barnabas Collins, Josette DuPres, and Angelique. Handsome playboy Quentin Collins se

    Dark Shadows changed the way tv soap operas were presented, implementing orchestrated music, special effects, and many other ground breaking techniques. Known for many charming "bloopers", this live-to-tape show also incorporated sumptuous costumes and gorgeous sets. It was the rich story-telling and marvelous New York stage actors that really captured the attention of the tv audience. When all the elements came together, Dark Shadows produced flawless episodes of high drama, suspense, and even terror!

    The power-house characters were Barnabas Collins, Quentin Collins, and Angelique. The best episodes usually involved these characters. Arguably the best storylines are the 1897 sequence, the 1796 sequence, and the 1970 Parallel Time story.
  • I loved this show and watched every episode!!!!!

    It was a classic show in its time and a cult of its own. It was addictive and to this day I thoroughly enjoy watching it. In the early 90's when they brought back an updated version I enjoyed that too. Last summer I had the pleasure of watching the old reruns on SciFi in the mornings. I wish it were still on.
  • More like the old movie serials than a soap opera, this supernatural series was an unexpected hit.

    More like the old movie serials than a soap opera, this supernatural series was an unexpected hit. It managed to combine vampires, witches and werewolves into a continuing story that I remember rushing home from school each day to watch.

    The acting wasn't always the best and the production values left something to be desired, but overall, this was an interesting concept and show. Nearly every member of the cast had two roles: their current self and someone (sometimes multiple someones) from the past (differing time periods). The constant was Barnabas Collins, a vampire who knew all the characters from all the periods the story covered. It gave the writers great leeway in building the story while managing to keep it together because of the supernatural elements.
  • Another original supernatural tv show.

    I like Dark Shadows mostly because it was original and had a nice love story going on. Barnabos was fun to watch. I remember running home from school to watch the vampires and werewolves. And Angelique...she was one wicked hot witch. The light and setup of the show wasn't great, but just the originality of it makes it a classic.
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